House the Payne has won over viewers’ hearts, for this reason it’s no wonder the when Janine started having actually a smaller duty on the show, fans started wondering around what happened to her.

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After eight seasons on TBS, house of Payne has found a solid residence on BET.


House that Payne on BET

House the Payne premiered ~ above TBS in 2016, and after eight periods it was revitalized by BET, where it now has a heavy home. 

Set in suburban Altanta, the show follows multi-generational Payne family as lock go around their lives, facing comedic and serious trials together and individually.

In the previously seasons, Janine has actually a steady visibility in the series.

When the is revealed the she is battling addiction, she and CJ (Allen Payne) ultimately get divorced. 

Ella (Cassi Davis) helps she get back on track, and also when they discover out she is pregnant when again, CJ and also Janine rekindle and remarry.


What occurred to Demetria McKinney on home of Payne?

When the show returned with season 9 ~ a long hiatus of around eight years, pan noticed the Janine didn’t show up as often.

Moreover, Demetria McKinney has additionally been credited as a recurring cast member and not a continual for seasons 9 and 10, leaving pan wondering why Janine no as main of a personality anymore.

This is partly as result of the fact that the character of Janine has actually her very own life with husband CJ.

However, among the main reason’s because that Janine’s shrinking function in home of Payne is because actress Demetria McKinney has been busy functioning on various other projects according to Distractify.

With a complete plate of other TV projects, the no wonder Demetria has showed up less frequently in current seasons.

This is typically the trouble with most revivals, together it is complicated for cast members to put aside the jobs they have been doing and also dedicate as lot time come the display they supplied to it is in a component of. 

Will ‘House of Payne’ return for Season 11?

Yes, house of Payne is renewed because that season 11.

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The news of house of Payne’s renewal was announced on may 3rd, 2021, the same day the season 10’s release day was revealed.

However, whether Janine will certainly still be featuring in the collection by then stays to be watched after her duty has shrunk in recent years.

Tyler Perry was yes, really in his bag as soon as he did house of Payne. Janine and CJ obtaining remarried, Curtis submit charges versus Malik, Calvin getting shot.. So many an excellent episodes

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Watch House the Payne on Tuesdays in ~ 9 p.m. ET ~ above BET.

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