Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles Pitched A Naked total Parody episode Ackles and Padalecki want to carry out a parody illustration in the format of naked Gun, yet ultimately there just wasn"t room in Supernatural"s final season.

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Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in supernatural Parody
through Supernatural’s final seven-episode run practically here, stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have revealed an episode idea they pitched the sadly didn’t do it right into the last season—a Naked Gun-style parody episode, tentatively title “Naked Supernatural.” The 2 stars have had major creative influence throughout the show’s 15-year duration, through Ackles even having command a few episodes. Supernatural returns to start its farewell tourism on October 8th.

Despite having actually run for so long, there space still a lot of stories numerous fans would love to view Supernatural tell. Lot of that ongoing dedication is as result of the unequaled chemistry and charisma of Ackles and also Padalecki as Dean and Sam Winchester, and also the method the display has shame itself around the stars’ strengths. The course, Misha Collins’ Castiel is a large factor too. With just a few episodes left to wrap increase 15 years of plot subject and loosened ends, it will be fascinating to see exactly how it every comes together. Fortunately for Winchester die-hards, the show’s writers have shown that the finale, at the really least, will emphasis primarily on pack up Sam and Dean’s an individual journey.

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In a new interview through Variety, Ackles and also Padalecki comment on one idea that didn’t make the final cut for season 15—a self-parody illustration in the format of the infamous Naked pistol films. The idea, i beg your pardon Ackles stated they described as “Naked Supernatural,” was pitched by the duo, yet ultimately i will not ~ fit right into the time the show had left. Ackles dubbed it “the ‘Naked Gun’ version of ‘Supernatural,"” and said that everything would have actually been really “tongue-in-cheek. Every little thing is any type of kind of awful joke we can possibly fathom — it was going to it is in that variation of ‘Supernatural."”

Sam Winchester in the Impala in Supernatural
through all the terrible things, apocalypses, and various deaths that have actually befallen the Winchesters end the course of their paranormal adventures, it’s always been nice once the present takes a lighter comedy episode to break points up. Those moments of charm and their balance v the series’ more serious plotlines are large parts of what’s made Supernatural so special and also beloved. Hopefully, even without “Naked Supernatural,” the last 7 episodes will still have actually a couple of lighter moment throughout. The first episode back, “Last Holiday,” looks come be among those.

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Maybe someday fans can get the parody Ackles and also Padalecki want to make. Padalecki floated the idea to Variety, and also Ackles has actually previously proclaimed that he’d be happy to return to the franchise some years under the line. Supernatural returns to kick turn off its last run later this week, on October 8th.