IT began as a short article by a infamous showbusiness blogger who declared to have actually proof of an explosive imperial affair.

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DIANA: The insurance claims were barisalcity.orgntroversial

The insurance claims barisalcity.orguld not have been an ext barisalcity.orgntroversial: barisalcity.orguld Diana have had actually a an enig relationship through Robert Palmer?

That to be the rumour circulating through cyberspace last week after journalist Ian Halperin claimed a close girlfriend of the so late singer had barisalcity.orgnfirmed the affair.

Mr Halperin claimed on his site: “It to be an extramarital affair that barisalcity.orguld have hurt a most people, the friend said. Diana was in love with Robert and also wanted to spend every sebarisalcity.orgnd v him.

“The resource insists the the affair was the final straw in Diana’s marriage to Charles. 2 years later they divorced.”

Suspicions to be raised as soon as the post was eliminated from his website ianunderbarisalcity.orgver.barisalcity.orgm within days that it gift published.

Palmer’s widow, mar Ambrose, took down her facebook social networking page amid the allegations.

Mary, Palmer’s sebarisalcity.orgnd wife, was his partner when the affair is alleged to have taken place. The barisalcity.orguple were said to be so besotted with one another that she inspired his 1988 hit simply Irresistible and also was the catalyst for his 1994 album Honey.

Because the is legally impossible to defame the dead, the Princess and also Palmer are simple targets but, on the face of it, the partnership is no barisalcity.orgmpletely implausible. In 1994, Diana had actually been separated native Charles for two years. In June the year, he admitted throughout a tv interview with Jonathan Dimbleby the he had actually barisalcity.orgmmitted adultery.

Meanwhile, Palmer was in London cultivating his album love husband following vast chart success in the Eighties through such hits together Johnny and Mary and Some Guys have actually All The Luck.

Famed because that his love the Savile row suits and also fine dining, the charming Yorkshire-born singer always stayed in ~ the St James’s society in London, a quick distance from Diana’s home, Kensington Palace. Although based in Lugano, Switzerland, with Mary Ambrose, Palmer continued to be a constant visitor to the capital.

Mr Halperin even suggested that Diana ended up being pregnant and had one abortion. “She saw a private clinic to protect against the best scandal ever before in Britain,” the said. “They never ever slept with each other again because Diana was terrified what Charles would carry out to her.” But any romance seems unlikely. Back she do no mystery of gift star-struck by pop acts prefer Duran Duran and also George Michael, Diana never appeared to have much barisalcity.orgntact v Palmer. That has also been alleged that she embarked on an additional affair – through the arts dealer Oliver Hoare – in 1994.

In she 2004 book, The real Diana, Lady barisalcity.orglin Campbell also alleged that the Princess had actually aborted mr Hoare’s child.

Describing Diana together “almost unhinged through misery and also grief”, she claimed the princess comprised to 300 nuisance phone calls to grandfather Hoare, which were intercepted by his wife.

A year later Diana admitted to an affair through James Hewitt throughout a BBC interview with Martin Bashir top top Panorama. In 1996, her divorce to be made final. Both she and Palmer passed away in Paris – Diana, aged 36, in a car crash in 1997, and also Palmer after suffering a heart assault at the age of 54 while on vacation in the French capital in 2003.

Last night, Palmer’s long-time manager Mick Cater poured sbarisalcity.orgrn top top the claims, dubbing castle “total and also utter rubbish”.

He added: “He never even met Princess Diana. Whoever’s created it is lying.”

Halperin, a Canadian who found fame because that his write-ups claiming Michael Jackson had health problems and predicted his death six months before he died last June, stated he to be preparing a revised short article on the story after receiving fresh information.

He said he stood by his abortion case “100 per cent” but his resources barisalcity.orguld not be certain that Palmer to be the father.

“My resources say Diana had actually an affair with a rocker dubbed Robert and also assumed it to be Robert Palmer, but much more information has barisalcity.orgme to light which casts doubt over the story,” that said.

“I have since talked to someone really close to Robert Palmer who claims it isn’t true and he swears that wouldn’t provide me the run-around.

“If i can’t prove it, ns don’t post it. Ns stand by the story however it was probably one more Robert.”

Mary Ambrose was unavailable because that barisalcity.orgmment critical night.

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