Jamie Lee Curtis has revealed that she decreased an invite to sign up with the actors of Dancing v The Stars.

The You Again star called Access Hollywood that the duties of increasing a household caused she to pass on the opportunity to complete in the ABC fact series.

"I won"t be able to do it since my family commitments room such that i wouldn"t have actually the time for it," she said. "I did carry out some moves in my kitchen all by myself at around 6:30 this morning - choose some quick steps and also I to be like, "Yeah, I’ve gained it"… It"s funny - it definitely, absolutely made me go, ‘Hmmm"."

She added: "I"m no going to, however it was funny to think about it."

However, Curtis revealed that she to plan to support Jennifer Grey by sitting in the audience during an upcoming execution of the show.

"I was in the Team Jennifer Grey," she said. "I"m hope to it is in front row for Team Jennifer every week if ns can. I"m walk to try to."

Dancing with The Stars airs Monday and Tuesday nights ~ above ABC.

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