The Iver Johnson is a minimalist shotgun with small to walk wrong. That is reliable, reasonably fast handling, and also well balanced. This is a formidable residence defender, if limited by capacity, because that the money. Slug accuracy to be disappointing if you require that option.

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GUN tests GRADE: C

$50 USED

These old single-barrel hammer-fired shotguns generally lug $75 to $125, therefore we discovered a kind buy in this shotgun. We included it because one of the raters felt that is a viable self-defense firearm if you’re in a tight budget or ease of access situation, together many people are this days. Together our test-team member sharp out, this $50 shotgun loaded with buckshot access time harder than any type of $2000 handgun because that at least one shot.

Action TypeBreak open solitary shot
Chamber Size3.0 in.
Overall Length44.0 in.
Weight6.5 lbs.
Weight Loaded6.6 lbs.
Barrel Length28.0 in.
Length the Pull13.8 in.
Front SightBrass Bead
Trigger traction Weight6.1 lbs.
Made InU.S.A.

The shotgun was in fantastic working order. The barrel conveniently swung open once the opening bar was pressed. The shotgun featured an automatically ejector, a great feature ~ above an inexpensive shotgun. That is nice no to have to pick the shells out. The Iver Johnson isn’t difficult to dick to do ready. The trigger is relatively crisp. The front vision is a simple bead. The “Choke Bore” throttle is tighter than Modified if not a full choke. The shotgun attributes a rebounding hammer, making it safe to lug loaded. Throughout the shoot test, we chosen to forgo experimentation birdshot in the initial taking care of stage since 20-gauge recoil isn’t yes, really a factor. Instead, we provided Winchester’s Super-X #3 buckshot load. The shotgun was hosted at the ready and brought to the shoulder quickly, cocking the hammer just as the prior bead was carried on target. We discovered the Iver Johnson is light and fast handling.

The shotgun fired that is buckshot fill to the point of target at 10 yards. The pattern to be well centered. Handling and shoulder fit to be good. ~ firing 20 buckshot loads, we moved to slugs. The Winchester 2¾-inch ¾-ounce hollow-point slug did no demonstrate significant recoil. Results were not ideal, however, due to the fact that the cheese struck 2 inches low at 15 yards. The dispersion was the biggest of the check at 5 inches, limiting its use to brief range.

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Our Team Said: The Iver Johnson goes to display that you may acquire an efficient home-defense shotgun because that a pittance, and also by any standard have actually a trustworthy firearm that will develop an efficient stop. The problem comes in if you need much more than one shot and also if there space multiple assailants.

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