Yesterday i painted. For numerous hours. Because that so long, when I to be done, the muscles in my legs to be stiff and my arms to be sore.

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And it was wonderful.

Sometimes the busyness of life (being a mom, multi-business owner, and also trying to live a mindful, more balanced life) gets in the way of mine painting. And also every time i get ago to it, I feeling better. Happier. Much more optimistic.

And you would think that, gift an artist, i would simply naturally want to make art all the time. And also as a human, that’s precisely how ns would want to feel all the time. Yet even in mine post-painting euphoria, I know this: developing art have the right to be terrifying.

I know I’m no the only one that thinks so. Ns talk about it a lot with my fellow artist friends. And also many others, wiser and much more successful than myself (so far!) have actually said so, too…

“The must be a an excellent artist provides it hard to it is in an artist. The require to develop a an excellent work the art renders it difficult to produce any type of art at all.” — Julia Cameron

But like A. Alvarez said, “The much better the artist, the much more vulnerable he seems to be.” i don’t know about “better”, however you come to be a better artist (or anything, really) by continuously doing it, and you have allow yourself come be breakable in bespeak to do art.

Like I’m doing exactly what ns am an alleged to it is in doing.

There is constantly this are afraid that the won’t be good enough. And therefore I’m not an excellent enough. Luckily, it’s is (usually) well balanced by the love that the white canvas and also the boundless possibilities the holds. Either way, it’s quite the conundrum.

But the fear additionally comes from worrying about showing your art. It’s like standing naked in front of a crowd of people. You concern that castle will notice every flaw. And not notification the overall, bigger, more beautiful picture.

“It take away a the majority of courage to display your dreams to someone else. ” — Erma Bombeck

For me, anyway, making art sometimes feels favor riding a roller coaster. Whatever from wait in heat to journey (cleaning her space, mix paints, readying the canvas, etc.), come the long uphill ride (lots of work, nervous excitement, wondering how it’s all going to revolve out, and if you’ll survive it at all!), and also then, when you’re done, and also satisfied with what you’ve make (which doesn’t constantly happen), the very first long dive in the ride, where you raise your hands over your head, and also squeal v delight! Viola! A finished piece of art. A item of your soul, on canvas.

That’s where I am right now.

I understand there will always be an ext dips and also climbs, however right now, ns feel good.

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So I’m off to repaint again!

I expect you’re act what friend love, what makes you happiest, and what fulfills your soul. It’s the only method to live.