Extracted native the bark of tree in the Cinnamomum genus, cinnamon is the famous spice the is used worldwide in both sweet and also savory recipes, such as cereal, desserts or meat dishes.However, if you’ve run out this spice or are food preparation foranyonewith a cinnamon allergy there space plenty that cinnamon substitutes. <1>

Cinnamon Substitutes

There is a broad range of cinnamon substitutes, such as allspice, cardamom, nutmeg, mace, soil cloves, ginger, anise, vanilla extract or vanilla beans and also more.

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Allspice Berries

This spice shares a similar flavor come cinnamon and makes a great replacement in dessert recipes. Add 1/4 that the recommended amount for cinnamon andadd more according come taste, if necessary.

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Cardamom is a particularly good replacement because that cinnamon in Indian recipes. <2>


Nutmeg has a similar sweetness come cinnamon and also is a good substitute because that baked foods. Like allspice, the is worth being initially frugal with the amount friend substitute.


Mace might offer a sharper and less sweet flavor than nutmeg and also is, therefore, a good cinnamon substitute in an ext savory recipes. Add it to the cooking recipes in the same way as nutmeg and allspice. <3>

Ground Cloves

Ground cloves room an earthy, spicy, and also sweet replacement for cinnamon.

Fresh or Powdered Ginger

To gain the spicy, warming aspect that cinnamon provides to a dish, friend may shot adding new or powdered ginger.

Anise or Fennel Seeds

A an excellent substitute because that both sweet and savory recipes, anise and also fennel seeds can be sweet through a bitter edge.

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Vanilla Extract or Vanilla Beans

One of thesweetest substitutions, vanilla extract is finest used in moderation for dessert recipes. <4>


You could like to try combining the above-recommended substitutes to get a well-rounded and unique replacement because that cinnamon that ticks all the boxes. For example, vanilla and cloves might create a taste the is both warming and sweet, or the mix of cardamom and fennel could work great in a curry.

Knowing the ideal cinnamon substitutes will certainly ensure the you don’t run right into any major problems following time you’re baking in the kitchen!