I just finished city hall the third season for the 7th time...and i was just asking myself that question.

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As it seems, there isn"t walking to be a season 4 because: - Phoebe is in the main cast of TSC - Claire is working on other projects, and is a guest star in couple of other shows. - Angus is filming new series - Cariba is functioning on 2 new movies (One of lock is with Phoebe Tonkin) - Phoebe is filming TWTWB2 and Bait - lock are just to old to it is in mermaids..And there must be season 4 because: - Emma hasn"t reverted - We never ever saw an actual ending, just the group at Rikki"s - There space still inquiries that room unanswered - require to find out what will they perform with your powers....


even if it's just a couple of years later, reflecting what the is like when they room an adult. And what their children think. Or probably they can start a brand-new series.
i would certainly love come see all of them in season 4. Every one of them Cleo, Emma, Rikki, Bella, Lewis, Zane, Will, however i don"t know how that"s going to occupational with them i graduated from High School.

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I can guarantee you, there will be a season 4. But, there will be different characters. Ns think the only human being that will be remaining is Rikki (Cariba) yet I"m not 100% sure. But I can assure you, there will certainly be a new season. Most likely sometime following year (2015).My cousins surname is Cory, and he"s law a food in Melbourne (acting/directing) and also he got asked come play critical part in Season 4 the h20. But, that"s if they don"t publication it. For this reason let"s not offer our hope up!H20 lover UNITE.`
There"s most most likely not walking to be a season 4, for 2 reasons:In season 3, they i graduated so it"s going to be i can not qualify they"ll remain together as a group for a season 4The producers said that castle were acquiring a small bit too old for the show
All The girl Look The Same.. Their period Doesnt matter Anymore specifically If castle Look choose They Litterally just Finished Season 3. If friend Disagree Then walk Look at Their recent Pictures. They every Look The exact same From Season 3
There no to old at all grantee ns bet they would certainly say no and I'm pretty sure it's coming out late this year or early next year since im a large fan that h2o therefore yaeh that is coming out so yeah
They space not also old because that the present the human being the producer as carry in to play in mako mermaids space the same period that h2o girl were, so i donot check out the problem.