Is there any type of difference in between "Is there something wrong?" and "Is there anything wrong?"? Also, you would say "He would like something come drink" but "Would you prefer anything to drink?", right? I"d appreciate if any type of one could explain the intake of "something" and "anything".

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As far as I can remember, this was a typical middle institution exam inquiry for british in mine years.

"Would you choose something to drink" expects a hopeful answer.

I"m not certain what is the case in American though.


To me, we generally expect a positive an answer when making use of "something".


It is usual for "something" come be provided in the affirmative and sometimes when asking a concern with the expectation of a positive response. This is no a firm rule, just be aware of the context.

For example,

She purchase something in ~ the flea market.Would you give him something come do? the is typical for "anything" to be used in the negative or interrogative and much more commonly than"something" with questions.

For example,

He didn"t want anything to do with those girls.Is there anything that i can acquire you? (You can additionally say, "Is over there something that ns can acquire you," but using "anything" sound a bit an ext polite.)Here"s the source.

In her examples, "Is there something wrong" probably means you feeling something can be wrong and also want come confirm through others when "Is over there anything wrong" is simply a general inquiry even if it is anything is wrong in ~ all. "Would you prefer something come drink" is most likely to be heard in a bar wherein you room expected come order something come drink while "Would you choose anything come drink" might just average you want to understand if a person is thirsty or not.

Furthermore, something suggests finiteness while anything doesn"t place any type of restriction ~ above the border or quantity. That said, "Would you prefer something to drink?" might be associated with "Would you prefer to select one from ours (finite)collection of drink on the shelf" when "Anything to drink" might mean anything drinkable that you could imagine.

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"Would you prefer anything to drink" additionally sounds more polite to me as it doesn"t perhaps impose a positive an answer on the person(e.g., customer).