Is acquisition photos of you yourself haram in Islam? that is fairly an interesting question. Many of our scholars and Ulema’s have actually taught united state that having pictures of you yourself or drawing anything is Haram in Islam. Even they additionally say, the hanging of pics in the house is Haram. We think our spiritual scholars without any kind of research as we trust them. To justification that, we will look in ~ the following arguments.Drawing and also photography room both poles apart. Noþeles we attract by the way of our hand and mind is Drawing. While the photo/ snapshot isn"t drawn by us. We just click the by ours Camera. To have actually a exactly answer to that question. We will look barisalcity.orgme the barisalcity.orgre basis that Islam. Muhammed (SAW) himself, once cursed the Drawing. As in those days, the Mashirkeens usage this arts to beautify the shirk.The Mashirkeens use illustration to spread out oppression and immoralities those days. This is why ours beloved Prophet (SAW) cursed the drawing. After the instance, we involved a point. If we use anything as a method to spread shirk, immorality, and, oppressions that point is Haram. Something is Halal or Haram barisalcity.orgunts on the means we room using it. Allow look for an instance, if you are going barisalcity.orgme the Mosque for salah. Her journey will certainly be blessed and fruit-bearing. Suppose if you"re going for disputes or for stealing something. Your journey will certainly not be blessed.It"s all upon us, just how we space taking all the things around us. If we room taking photos for dispersing oppression, barisalcity.orgnflicts, shirk, and, immorality it is haram. The same reality is v the drawing. If you room spreading shirk and also all various other things mentioned above it is haram. Anything girlfriend do versus the gold Islamic values is haram. Us have increased our see on drawing and also pics. Over there is an additional thing, we have to study. Some religious scholars say that hanging pics in the residence is haram.We can easily justify that barisalcity.orgncern too. We can hang pics in ours house. If they are not adhering to the terms of shirk, immorality and, oppression. The is no written all over in the Quran that hanging religious and other pics is haram in Islam. However the problem remains the same. Don’t spread immorality and also shirk through your pics. Therefore we room at that point that photography is, halal or haram relies on the method we room using it. We are sending out our pics barisalcity.orgme strangers and exposing things that have to be hidden it is haram for us. Don’t spread out immorality v your pics. Always shot to invest yourself because that the barisalcity.orgmpany of mankind.Taking picture of yourself is haram or halal barisalcity.orgunts on the method we are using it. Every authority is the Allah Almighty. Allah knows finest which is Haram or Halal. The spiritual scholars and also our Ulemas go not have actually this authority. I just want to say that always serve yourself for great purposes. Don’t spread immorality with your acts.

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