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1A case in which one have to take a chance that everything is obtainable will prove to be an excellent or acceptable.

‘He said: ‘I took trip from Castleford and also took mine pot luck in addition to everyone else yet it provides my blood boil when I watch tickets now on sale for up to 4 times their confront value.’’‘It"s just a situation of pot luck even if it is you buy that or not.’‘So everything that has transpired since is largely pot happy that occasions that happened around me chose to brew up and guess I have actually made a reasonably an excellent meal the it.’‘She said: ‘It"s pot lucky really, prefer winning the Lottery.’’‘There is always an element of pot luck with casting, however in this instance that was heightened: there to be a million Afghan refugees in the area, and also we could have picked any type of two.’‘Whether you gain attentive nurses, a ideal diet and also clean wards is simply pot luck.’‘The only civilization who understand they will be able to get ticket is the 17,000 season ticket holders and then it will be pot lucky for anyone else.’‘Sometimes ns let the mp3 player take care of this at arbitrarily so it"s pot luck; various other times i specify a track that I understand will obtain me all focused.’‘He said: ‘You simply take pot lucky if you obtain beaten.’’‘It method that, when I require someone, lock come recommended and I don"t have to take pot luck through the Yellow Pages.’‘My hours won"t do it feasible to use Park & Ride, so I"m walking to have to take pot luck on the streets, however I might have to walk a long method during dark nights to acquire to mine car.’‘Each one is pre-programmed to have a different temperament, some will be really placid, others will cry every night, the is pot luck.’‘Presumably, everybody simply took pot luck… right?’‘‘I just play Lotto sometimes so I intend you could say it was pure pot luck that ns won,’ he said.’‘Now the new faceless system which requires much ringing, waiting and a specific amount that pot luck has actually worried physicians so much they have chose to opt the end of the system.’‘Find a video game dealer you can trust; all too often with wild it is pot luck, however with new rules ~ above handling and traceability coming soon, things should improve.’‘It had been made decision to introduce a solitary queue system, so the customers were checked out in order of coming into the bank, rather than taking pot luck in separate queues.’‘You take pot luck, but are i can not qualify to be disappointed.’‘‘We can"t simply rely on pot luck or someone just showing up on the doorstep,’ that said.’‘Not knowing which groups will be based where way that pendant have had actually to take it pot happy in the expect of gaining to view their nationwide side play.’
risk, gamble, hazard, venture, speculation, long shot, leap in the dark, pig in a poke, lottery, pot luck
1.1North American A enjoy the meal or party to which every of the guest contributes a dish.
as comprehensive ‘a potluck supper’
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‘The potluck requires each guest preparing and bringing a dish to the event, to be shared by every the diners.’‘Ecovillage neighbors gather for Sunday potlucks and also spontaneous midweek meals in the courtyard garden or lobby.’‘They built halls to offer as language schools and also as areas for dramas, films, judo lessons, poetry readings, potlucks, and parties.’‘An analogy that the coating layer is Jell-O: remember every those potlucks where a Jell-O food featured fruit suspended in environment-friendly gelatin?’‘Make the meals potluck to ease the burden of food preparation for big numbers.’‘You wouldn"t want to come at a potluck with no extended dish, now would you?’‘The next change came when I was supposed to carry a food to a firm potluck.’‘If you hope the party will rage into lunch, do it a potluck.’‘I dreaded the invite list and the seating graph - why can"t wedding receptions it is in a potluck in the park?’‘At $5.75 an order they"d be a genius thing to carry to a potluck, too.’‘Instead of bringing food to the potluck, they take it home.’‘Afterwards, we"ve arranged a crabapple tree planting and then a potluck at 5: 00.’‘The idea was to throw a dinner party wherein everyone would bring a dish, à la potluck.’‘That is done at PTA meetings, Kiwanis clubs and neighborhood potlucks.’‘So, wherein we provided to have meetings through an action agenda, we"re now having potlucks so human being can feel safe coming together.’‘The exchange and also potlucks woo world who want to communicate in a neighborly way.’‘It is a need to read because that anyone who has actually ever confronted debates over how to serve communion, participated in church fund raisers, or watched the hand that God at work at a church pot luck.’‘Last weekend ns was at a pot luck and the host put on Red Hash.’‘Bring a favourite low sodium dish to a pot luck, specifically if you expect couple of other low sodium choices.’‘And below I am grounding at mine office"s stupid summer pot luck!’