KISS Frontman PAUL STANLEY Addresses 'Persistent' gay Rumor (Video)

November 6, 20150Comments

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Robert Scott of new Zealand"s The Breeze performed an interview v KISS frontman Paul Stanley front of the band"s Auckland concert. Castle chatted around Paul"s watch on reviews, what"s maintained KISS going for all these years, what"s left to achieve, working through Gene Simmons, drugs, his sexuality, his kids, retirement and brand-new Zealand wine. You have the right to now watch the chat below. A pair of excerpts follow (transcribed by

On the ideal thing about working v Gene Simmons because that so long:

"The ideal thing… Hmm… I need to pause… i think the security and the familiarity. There"s no substitute or anything the comes close come being through somebody because that forty-some-odd years, you recognize — forty-six years, ns think, at this point. So, the is a blessing; it yes, really is a blessing to have actually that kind of relationship. And also within that, you specify the terms of it and also the boundaries. And also I think what functions so well for united state is providing each other space and respecting ours individuality, since we"re very, really different. As different as we once were, we"ve definitely become more that, or more powerful in ours differences. So ns think the best component is whatever that"s grown out of forty-six years together."

On whether he and also Gene Simmons have always had a no-drugs policy:

"Speaking because that myself, when I was much younger, absolutely there was part pot smoking and stuff prefer that, and also one or two pills of various sorts. However you need to remember the there was a time where… i don"t wanna say drugs were much more pure, yet there was much less chemistry and also less bootleg and counterfeit ingredient floating around. And also we didn"t have the sort of data we understand exists now that tells us that specific things will simply lead under a disastrous path. But I uncovered out very quickly and really early, not because of personal experience, but by looking about me and seeing people die — human being I knew dice at young ages from drugs and excesses. And then I observed people"s careers derailed through drugs and excesses. So i think you have to be an idiot, or have a predisposed disease of sorts… which is no a deragotory thing to say, however some world just are… have actually a kind of like a bent chemically or psychologically towards addictions. I"m not one of those people, and also to jeopardize mine life or my future, my health, it just never make sense. I mean, come me, it"s therefore illogical, and yet I"m no necessarily saying that holds true for various other people, but for me, that just… that made no feeling to watch what to be killing other people and saying, "Sign me up."

On the craziest rumor he ever before heard about himself:

"Well, the oddest, come me, was always — and also it"s constantly persisted in time — is the I"m gay. And it"s an amazing thing, since if ns were, I"d it is in proud come be everything I am. As long as you"re a an excellent person, sex-related orientation and stuff like that is completely irrelevant. But, that being said, as well as having 4 children, honestly, I never saw a man where i said, "Gee, that"s a close 2nd to a woman." Honestly, I never ever looked and also said, "You know, if ns can"t have that girl end there, I"m taking the bloke," you understand what i mean? so that"s constantly been really interesting — that some human being can"t find a means to take my comfort with sexuality to misreading it together something it"s not. But, the being said, I an ext scratch mine head in ~ that. So that"s always been something the was, and also is, persistent. And I simply kind the go, "Well, the boys might not understand, yet the women constantly did." They gained it in more ways than one."

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