The Talleys unmistakable sound, gradual southern gospel style, and also ministering hearts have actually made lock a pan favorite and also one the the many respected groups in the gospel music industry. Your accolades encompass ten number one singles, Dove award nominations, to sing News pan Awards, the southern Gospel Music Guild Harmony Honors, the BMI Awards, SGN Music Awards and also the honors no stopping. They keep rolling in. Although the team is noted for their powerful vocals, tight harmonies, smooth blend, and also dynamic arrangements, colleagues urge The Talleys’ understanding are just as pure as their sound. {Editor’s note: This feature was very first published in September 2013 in the SGN Scoops digital magazine.>

The team believes in giving ago and pouring into the lives of others. Each year Debra and Lauren are heavily involved in teaching at Steve Hurst college of Music (SHS). College student come from throughout the United says to study under them. Gary Casto, lead singer and also manager of Tribute Quartet, speak us, “Debra and also Lauren are incredible teachers and have been important in making SHS an extremely successful. Their knowledge of vocal performance has benefited the students, and also our industry.

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Casto considers it an respect to recognize this significant family. “They have set the bar high for plenty of years and also have paved a solid roadway for other artists come follow.” Casto has likewise enjoyed working through Roger in the studio on countless occasions. “He requirements musical excellence and also at time it have the right to be rather challenging. That will always push artist to work-related their hardest. The insists they come up a level, yet when he is finished, they constantly have a product they are proud of.”

Lauren has periodically provided vocal and also performance coaching for groups and individuals. She is proud that countless of her students have arisen into impressive performers and also communicators. “When i am coaching, my function is to take the artist’s presents and assist them tap into their covert potential. Castle hit notes they never dreamed castle were capable of and learn the arts of communicating a song. I never ever get exhausted of see the newfound trust on your faces. It is the best feeling in the world.” Lauren’s clientele include: Susan Whisnant, The Browns, The Beene Family, Jody Brown Indian Family and most newly she coached 11th Hour in ready for their an initial NQC performance. “I am exceptionally proud of castle all!”

When a college student at SHS heard The Talleys song in concert for the an initial time, she was deeply moved by your heartfelt performance and humility. She remarked, “Few gospel teams have left their mark and reached the pinnacle that success The Talleys have, however they preserve lives the integrity and humility. It’s apparent they think what castle sing.”


Sheri Thrower has been a teacher at Steve Hurst school of Music because that ten years. She has actually worked very closely with Debra and Lauren. “I don’t consider them just co-workers, yet genuine friends. If I could use 2 words to define Debra, it would certainly be “World Class.” She constantly carries herself v grace and dignity, and is a an excellent encouragement not only to the SHS students, yet to our staff, as well. She portrays beauty indigenous the inside, out. I love her choose family.”

Thrower considers the mega-talented team a beacon for all artists associated in gospel music. “Their tenacity, love, and heart for human being is evident in whatever they sing and do. They space stellar musicians. In a civilization where family members are falling apart, they remain strong and secure, pointing others to the great News the Jesus Christ.”

Fans to be elated through the selection of song on The Talley’s feather 2013 release The ultimate Collection. Debra had actually a challenging time choosing a favorite song on the project. “We’ve to be blessed to have actually so many good songs i couldn’t choose one. The songs room all special because they have actually come at different times. God sends out them simply when we have actually a need to convey a certain message that’s on our hearts. It’s amazing how He works.”

“He’s Alive” is Roger’s favorite from The ultimate Collection. “It’s among the many cleverly written songs, lyrically and also musically, I’ve ever before heard. Songs prefer that only come follow me every generation or so.” He says his favorite tune to execute live is “Amazing Grace.” “It never falls short to gain a huge response no issue where we song it. We have a unique setup that takes civilization on a musical and emotional trip from a quiet start to a triumphant ending.”

The team is established to proceed discovering an excellent songs that have eternal truths, occupational harder than ever to present themselves to the ideal of your ability, and be real in your relationships v people, consisting of their family members. They believe if they will certainly take care of the points they deserve to do, God will certainly take care of the rest.

Lauren is proud of her husband of 2 years, Brian Alvey, specifically his servant’s heart. “He is my biggest encourager and also incredibly talented in his very own right. That doesn’t need to take a backseat come anyone. that penned three songs on our Love winner project and also is a great asset come our family.” The pair are quick to defend their marriage and also work an extremely hard at keeping the home fires burning. They enjoy cooking dinner and watching videos together. “Just spending high quality time with each other is a funny night in ~ the Alvey house!” component of that quality time has football, because that Lauren is an avid pan of the NFL. She currently has the winner that the Super bowl in mind: “I’m picking my favourite Player, Peyton Manning, and also the Broncos to win it all…. Whomever castle play!”

Gospel Music’s best event, the nationwide Quartet Convention, is the biggest occasion of the year for the group. They room usually booked heavily during the week, singing three nights and sharing in a showcase or two. In addition, there are sound checks, the awards’ shows, Compassion worldwide breakfast, Gospel Greats interviews, television interviews, invoice Gaither’s Sing-a-long, and the Choral Clinic. “I reap visiting v friends and reconnecting v artists that we seldom work-related with. However, I hardly ever hear anyone else sing unless I make an meeting or go in and hear one of the teams I job-related with. We need to have schedules posted all over to make sure we don’t walk to the wrong place. Through Saturday, we’re lucky to know our name!” i get it admits the busyness renders it an overwhelming to obtain spiritual refreshment. “It’s tough to get resolved down enough throughout NQC. Generally it comes in a conversation with someone share what God is law in their life.”

The Talley’s hectic schedule doesn’t end with NQC. The team has a 5th trip to Norway plan in march 2014. They also have a gospel music cruise scheduled with Tribute Quartet, The Easters, The Hoppers, The Whisnants, and also Ivan Parker, in November with Abraham Productions. The whole family agrees, “We look forward to the an excellent Christian fellowship with various other groups.” “One the the finest trends I’ve checked out in my 35 year in Gospel Music would certainly be the ever before increasing variety of really good, sincere people who space singing for the ideal reasons,” claims Roger. “I counting it a real happiness to it is in a part of this ar of music.” 

As busy as they are, The Talleys constantly remember their roots and also take time for reasons close to their hearts. Debra is an active board member v The Veranda, a respite daycare at university Heights in Gallatin, Tennessee. Caregivers bring their love ones through Alzheimer’s, dementia, or any kind of other condition requiring a caregiver, come the Veranda for 3 or four hours. The staff ministers to the patient’s demands while the caregiver is able to have actually a much-needed break or have tendency to business matters. Debra’s love shines through as she share how an individual this cause is to she heart. “Roger’s mother had Alzheimer’s and also his father experienced with dementia. We understand first-hand what a ministry favor this means to families like ours.” In December, The Talleys will hold a vast Christmas event with a dinner and a concert to advantage the Veranda.

Lauren is additionally striving to accomplish her own personal ministry goals. She is performing an ext solo concerts, writing her second book, and the mr is opening more doors for she to speak at women’s conferences. “Expanding that part of my ministry is absolutely a score of mine. I look front to do an ext coaching, too.”

Roger enjoys working with various other artists on recording projects. “I have developed the last three mainline tasks by Tribute Quartet. They are good guys, tough workers, and also so much fun to work with. Ns am particularly proud of their very an initial number one song, “Good News indigenous Jerusalem.” i get it adds that there are many groups v a great sound and also he enjoys assisting artist to develop that sound. “I think the crucial is learning who you are, detect what format works finest for you and also constantly striving come perfect the without shedding your identity.”

Debra wishes to write one more book. “I simply released my very first book, God moment in an plain Life. After i finished it, I’ve believed of various other stories i wish I had actually included. So i have started one more list of inspirational God moment I desire to include, but I guess: v I must sell a few more that the first ones prior to I start one more one.” She likewise enjoys honing she songwriting skills. “I have actually been honored to write with some an excellent people favor Joel LIndsey, Geron Davis, Rodney Griffin and also Rebecca Peck.” together for future track writing partners, Debra says, “I love Marty Funderburke’s creating style as well as Lee Black and also Kenna West, Jim Brady, and Dave Clark. Ns don’t think castle would require me come write with them, yet it would be an honor.” 


Fans will certainly be dazzling to understand The Talleys are working ~ above a new release for later on in the year. Lock don’t have actually an main title yet because that the project, yet Debra provided us a sneak emergence of what we can expect. “There will certainly be several standard songs through a few new persons tucked in.”

The Talleys’ favourite pastime is counting your blessings. They every agree their family members is their biggest asset and feel very blessed to have the ability to do what they do with the human being they love the most.

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along with these blessings, Lauren adds, “His remarkable grace. And also pizza, sweet tea and football.” 

To find out more about The Talleys and also their touring schedule, visit your website at www.talleytrio.com.

First released by SGN Scoops, September 2013. Because that the existing SGN Scoops issue, click on to: http://www.sgnscoops.com/