once you think the the surname Rey, at the very least in a rings context, only one performer pertains to mind. ReyMysterio Jr has completed a great deal the success end the food of his career. Even if it is it was in ECW,WCW or in the WWE,Mysterio’s talent and aerial assault resonated through fans watching anywhere the world. He is one of a kind, and his mask and also brightly coloured outfits and size do him easy for pan to affix with. His size certainly gives pan the impression the he had actually to overcome a variety of obstacles in stimulate to accomplish success in the ring.

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Soon after ~ he started performing in phibìc America, pan became mindful of this twenty-something year old that took the LuchaLibre style and modernized it. He caught the attention and interest of a generation the weren’t acquainted with this form of wrestling. In a number of ways, Rey to be a pioneer due to the fact that he had a number of different features that added to him gift a success. He to be likable, and his moveset would regularly widen the eye of those that watched the perform, in specific children. Mysterio went on to capture a variety of different championships, but it wasn’t until he won his first World Championship in WWE in 20016 that fans realized anything is possible. Prior to that, he had been simple to dismiss, considering his size and also build. Without, boyfriend, straightforward, etc.">Often time seeing him in the ring with the likes of The great Khali,I witnessed you yesterday (unless, that course, it is component of a title).">The large Show, Kane or The Undertaker gave fans the impression the not just was he going come lose, but he was going to execute so badly.

Earlier in 2015, Rey’s contract through the WWE expired, and an practically thirteen-year run with the company came to an end. He had actually been marketed heavily when he an initial came into the company, together WWE emphasize this special wrestler that could leap and also hit move from nearly all end the ring. Castle were developing a sense of mystery, weird enough, around Mysterio. Over time, however, injuries recorded up v him and also his role was changing.

He couldn’t hit some of his signature moves since of the number of knee operations he had. The light on Mysterio wasn’t what it as soon as was, together injuries prevented the from having ongoing success.

So many wrestlers will give everything they have and leave nothing come chance once it involves the ring, and also ReyMysterio mirrors the sentiment. However while Mysterio the performer doesn’t show up the appropriate fit for the WWE, the isn’t come say that the character, or a facsimile the his character, couldn’t tho succeed. Learning that injuries were what prevented that from act what he once could, the promo has occurred characters that resembled Mysterio in some way, shape, or form.


A character the Triple H was standing by a couple of years back was Sin Cara. Sin Cara together we watch him this particular day isn’t the very same wrestler that played him a few years ago; LuchaLibre star Mistico had originally performed as Sin Cara while he was in the WWE beginning in 2011. However, he had his ups and also downs v the company and would ultimately be released in in march 2014. The Sin Cara character to be taken over by Hunico, that still theatre him come this day. The difficulty is the the Sin Cara personality didn’t have actually the exact same sustainability that ReyMysterio has had. Vice versa, Sin Cara wears LuchaLibre attire and also a mask, Mysterio to be a cross between the lucha style and also that that a high paris American wrestler. Through that said, the firm appeared figured out to do the Sin Cara personality a success. In spite of Mistico leaving the promotion, the WWE placed Hunico under the Sin Cara mask and also had him bring on with the role. However regardless the what Sin Cara did on his own, the character didn’t have actually the capacity to move approximately the ring together effortlessly as Mysterio did throughout his prime. At one time, over there was part mentoring walk on between Mysterio and Sin Cara, as they to be aligned through one one more as a tags team. But that could only go so far, and after the team had some success working together, Mysterio as soon as again experienced an injury which left Sin Cara left to succeed on his own.

One of the far better decisions WWE made with the Sin Cara personality was sending out him down to NXT. It was there the he was able to have actually competitive matches and help aid the development of other talent. It was while Sin Cara was in NXT that he to be aligned with Kalisto. When you watch the spots and moves that Kalisto does, he reminds friend of a details wrestler that recorded the attention and interest of pan of every ages. If it could be said that he can be ‘spotty,’ that is the spots that have recorded the attention of fans and had them every chanting ‘lucha’ each and also every time the is in the ring. Throughout their time together in NXT, Sin Cara and Kalisto captured the NXT sign Team Championships, which to be a great accomplishment for both men. They were known as the Lucha Dragons. But their time in NXT could only critical so long; soon after losing the title they were lugged up to the main roster. It seemed at very first that they were provided sparingly, even though their high flying and also exciting format was unquestionably an heritage on any type of program they were booked on. But much like any successful team, fans look to see who is the standout performer that the duo. The is clear that while both Sin Cara and also Kalisto wrestle a similar style there is something around Kalisto that fans have actually gravitated towards. When you consider his size, aerial assault, and also ethnicity, it could be stated that the WWE are basically reinventing ReyMysterio.

Imitation is the sincerest kind of flattery, however in the instance of Kalisto the company has unable to do so much into making the the second coming of Mysterio, that before his united Terry Nadasdi has left the building.">States Championship enhance he mentioned Eddie Guerrero as someone who wore the title v pride. He could have stated anyone else, yet why a guy that had actually such a close partnership with Mysterio? the may have actually just been coincidental, but considering the opportunity he was provided to success on his own, it might not be as lot of a coincidence together one would certainly think. ~ Sin Cara endured an injury, Kalisto was booked in a routine with Alberto Del Rio; he choose up a surprise victory one week, and also then captured the United states title the following week. His winning the title when it showed up he had no opportunity is comparable to any type of time Rey had actually to overcome the odds in order come win. Even though the promotion chose to have Del Rio recapture the location on Smackdown a few days later that was because of outside interference and also doesn’t dilute the booking of Kalisto as a singles competitor.

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So where precisely do they walk from here? Kalisto holding the united state Title, even temporarily, states something around what plans might be because that him relocating forward. If some might be skeptical about how successful he can be, take into consideration how lot the idea that the ‘little male with a big heart’ records the fist of WWE audiences. Maybe this was constantly the long-term arrangement for Kalisto in the long-term, and also the tags team was merely a short-term setup to see just how much he would be maybe to connect with audiences prior to committing to giving him a chance. It seems as though a shoulder injury come Sin Cara assisted to speed up the process.