Factory-made short-barrelled shotguns (top) space perfectly legit in Canada, and accessible to gun owners without any type of special restriction. (The shotgun above has an eight-and-a-half-inch barrel.) but saw a shotgun turn off to the exact same barrel size (below), and you're taking a chance on spending year of your life in a federal penitentiary. THEAMMOSOURCE.COM (TOP), U.S. Office OF ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, FIREARMS and also EXPLOSIVES (BOTTOM)

Sawed-off shotguns – shotguns v barrels cut off to less than 18 inch – are illegal in Canada. Get captured with one in ~ the dorn place and time, and you’re spring at significant time in a federal penitentiary.

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But if a shotgun originates from the manufacturing facility with a to reduce barrel, also as brief as 8½ inches, you in the clear – they are totally legal in Canada with no one-of-a-kind restrictions.

If a factory-produced shotgun has actually a barrel less than 18 inches, it’s legal so long as its as whole length is greater than 660mm, or 30 inches, and also the activity is hand-operated, choose a pump-action.

“NON-RESTRICTED (YES, REALLY!),” claims a site giving Canadians a ascendancy Arms Grizzly, which came from the manufacturing facility with an 8.5-inch barrel. Around 600 Grizzlies to be registered in Canada at the moment the lengthy gun registry was deleted external Quebec.

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“They supplied to have actually very limited availability in Canada, not because they to be necessarily prohibited, but since in the United states that have actually a federal legislation restricting shotguns with barrels much shorter than eighteen inches,” states Ottawa-based guns lawyer Solomon Friedman.

“So manufacturers weren’t yes, really making them. They’ve now started do them just for the Canadian market, since we have different laws.”

The laws surrounding sawed-off shotguns room clear: shorten the barrel the a shotgun (or rifle) “by sawing, cut or any type of other alteration,” come be less than 457 millimetres (18 inches), and you’ve committed a crime punishable by anything up to 5 years in a commonwealth penitentiary. (If you’re recorded with the loaded, or near “readily accessible” ammunition, the sentence could stretch come ten years, v a mandatory minimum of three years.)

There room lots of instances on the books. In September, a 23-year-old Sault Ste. Marie man uncovered with a sawed-off double-barreled .410 shotgun was sent out to prison for three years, the Sault Star reported.

In 2008, a new Westminster male was sentenced come four and a half years after police uncovered a invited sawed-off shotgun in his car.

In a 2010 case, a Victoria guy was connected to a sawed-off shotgun found in a police raid v DNA evidence, and also was sentenced to 3 years.

Because they incorporate power and concealability, sawed-off shotguns have a call for criminal connections since the gang battles of the 1930s.

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In the U.S., the Grizzly and similar shotguns would need to be federally registered, at a price of $200 (the fee was collection in 1934, once it was the tantamount of $3,400 today).

It likewise would be illegal in numerous states, which simply restrict barrel length, without regard to whether the shotgun gained a short barrel top top a production line or because of something the happened after that involving a hacksaw.

Possessing a Grizzly would result in up to 3 years in jail in Indiana, five years in Michigan, Minnesota, Washington, Hawaii, brand-new Jersey, Delaware and Illinois, and also ten year in Rhode Island.

Don’t even think around bringing up the second Amendment – the U.S. Supreme Court ruled ago in 1939 that it didn’t apply to short-barreled shotguns.

In Canada, a Grizzly is yours for $399, add to tax and shipping, so lengthy as you have an ordinary gun licence which permits you to buy non-restricted firearms.

“Looking in ~ that together a hunter, I watch something that’s simply to shoot people,” states Doug Carlson, a retired OPP staff sergeant who worked as a regional firearms officer in Ontario for six years.

“It’s of no usage to you together a hunter – you can never hunt ducks or geese v it. Girlfriend wouldn’t want to shoot skeet through it, because it has actually such a short barrel. The only application would certainly be for protection in the bush, or if somebody wanted it for security at home.”

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“(Short-barrelled shotguns are) something the police don’t like, because they view someone wanting among these things as having only criminal functions for having actually it,” counters Blair Hagen the the National guns Association.

“There space a the majority of Canadians that would selected to bring handguns for defence against wildlife, and it’s a very complicated process to get authorization to carry out so. What we’re recognize is that these short-barreled shotguns room becoming much more and much more popular for objectives of defence against bears and other wild animals.”

“A full-length long gun needs to be continually in her hands, or slung over her shoulder, and it interferes with a most other equipment that people are carrying.”

About one-sixth the the 3,077 dominion Arms brief shotguns owned in Canada are held by civilization living in landscape postal codes. Top top the various other hand, about half were in brothers Columbia, most of which drops within grizzlies’ range.

The data originates from a redacted copy of the pistol registry exit to global News previously this year under access-to-information laws – before it was greatly deleted.

In total, the long gun registry shows 17,645 shotguns v barrel lengths under 18 inches – in all cases, if their owners had sawn them down to the length, castle would have been committing a crime.

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Shotguns in this classification have an typical barrel length of 321mm, or about 12.6 inches.