Seems prefer a pretty chaste question, huh? In this day and age, an especially in western culture, anklets aren’t generally worn because that reasons various other than due to the fact that the wearer likes it. Yet like most jewelry, the background of anklets actually dates earlier to ancient times. We’ve combed through a multitude that accounts about the various meanings of anklets transparent history. Examine some out below!

We’ll tell you now, end the year anklets have held a variety of meanings within different cultures and religions. Castle were commonly worn by and associated with women, with intake most prominently tape-recorded in ancient Egypt and old India. In Egypt, anklets regularly indicated a woman’s society status. At the same time in India, anklets were an ext likely to serve as an indication that a woman’s marital status. In western society today, anklets don’t have tendency to host much meaning, though part rumors have attached anklets come an indication of a woman’s sexual desires.

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Those room some vague and also differing reasons, us know. Our research has made the clear that the an interpretation behind wearing anklets varies widely from place to location. Keep analysis to learn much more about anklets in various cultures! we answer some particular questions below.

So What is the Symbolic definition of put on Anklets?

Let’s talk details. Throughout history, both Egyptians and Indians have actually been tape-recorded wearing anklets in their day to day lives. Therefore why walk they typical what they did?


We mentioned above that the Egyptians may have actually used anklets together a method of demonstrating social status. Miscellaneous sources i dont agree on even if it is denoting social standing was an intentional function of the anklets or merely a next effect. Society status can be identified by the materials crafting one individual’s anklet. Ladies (and periodically men) of every social class wore creates of anklets, through upper class citizens often brandishing silver- or yellow anklets, and also those of reduced status put on cheaper metals, leather, or possibly anklets make of shells which served as amulets.



Anklets, and the materials that do them, served various purposes in the Hindu religion. That was usual for anklets to have actually bells and also charms on castle which made noise, signifying to guys when women were approaching and also essentially alerting them to behave and be respectful. Both married women and unmarried girl may have worn anklets the this nature.

Fascinatingly, the metals which adorn the feet are heavily regarded in the Hindu religion. Silver- is the most usual metal used, and it is nearly never gold. Gold is sacred in India, and to wear the on the feet, so close come the ground, would certainly be considered sacrilegious.

What does it mean For ladies to undertake Anklets?

We pointed out that Indian women often wore anklets to present marital status or lack thereof. Anklets, known as “payal” in Hindi, were a traditional gift to new brides, gifted come them upon an initial arrival in ~ their brand-new husband’s home. However, unmarried girls might wear them together well, showing their courage and pride. Unmarried girls’ anklets were sometimes recorded come have more bells and also beads the jingled, attracting the attention of men. Part married women’s payals have actually been tape-recorded to be decorated similarly, though.

In west culture, anklets don’t tend to represent much because that women, at the very least not in any widely recognized way. There are miscellaneous accounts of anklets signifying sex-related preference and desires. Because that instance, a couple of accounts have detailed anklets symbolizing a married woman that is still open to sexual relationships with other males (without objection from she husband). These claims are couple of and much between.

What go it median For males to stay Anklets?


Man, us were aching to discover some symbolism behind dudes attract anklets! But all of our research study has associated anklets earlier to women. That is detailed that men, particularly in old Egypt, occasionally wore anklets as well, yet no reason other than note social course has been widely recorded.

Is the a Sin come Wear one Anklet?

There is very little, if any, research mirroring a background of anklets being pertained to as a sin in any culture. The only discussion for such that us came throughout in our research stems native the Christian Bible. Anklets are mentioned twice in the Bible, in verses 16 and also 18 in the publication of Isaiah. But there is no positive or negative reasoning connected with anklets in the Bible. Even if it is or not wearing one would be considered a sin would count on the situation and also reason for wearing one – and also frankly, you can argue for just around anything gift a sin based on the situation.

Is There any kind of Medical thinking Behind wearing Anklets?

Our research about medical and also scientific uses for anklets comes ago to silver. Silver has been recorded to cure wounds, kill viruses, and also has anti-inflammatory properties, simply to name a few. In the past, many have thought that silver deserve to activate the lymph nodes in the feet. Silver- anklets have actually been thought to safeguard from ailments favor hormonal imbalance, gynecological disorders, and also infertility.

Additionally, in ~ Hindu culture it’s believed that the feet and also hands are developing energy constantly. Therefore wearing anklets do of precious metals like silver prevents the relax of energy emanated from the feet. Halting the release of this energy recirculates it back into the body and protects the body from negative environments.

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A differed History

As you deserve to see, the meanings and also symbolism the anklets date means back in time, and accounts that such vary widely. From old Egypt till now, anklets have been known to represent social class, marital status, and also promiscuity, to name a few. Some traditions have carried over today, however it’s also completely acceptable come wear anklets because that absolutely whatever reason girlfriend like.