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Welcome come the Virtual science Education blog post. Today, we room going to focus on some middle School resources to assistance these students as they proceed to do and think around science while at home.

What’s the phenomenon? Popping Balloons with An Orange?!?

I’ve heard of popping a balloon through a pin or a flame or maybe also by over filling v air or water - but, with an orange rind?

Here, we explicate college student ideas about chemical reactions and also test lock by popping balloons. Because that science.

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Squeezing the outside of an orange ~ above balloons causes them come pop. This kinda provides sense - we’ve every been told the oranges have actually citric acid.

But rubber (or plastic) -or everything balloons space made the end of must be more powerful than orange juice. So what’s the deal? Is this a chemistry reaction? A physics reaction? A crazy thing that no one have the right to explain? What is walk on here?

And, why have the right to I put an orange in a plastic bag and also it doesn’t put a hole in the bag?

Wait - what are oranges made of? Is the stuff the squirts the end of the rind various than the ingredient that we drink? How can we test this?

Is the orange comprised of all the same stuff? Is the skin or rind various than the part we frequently eat? ns mean, ns remember always peeling my oranges or eat the fleshy part and leave the skin.

So, would it issue if I offered the skin vs the meat of the orange? If the reaction is different, the is confusing - how can one thing (the orange) develop a different result with the balloons? What about other materials? Or other fruits?

Using a phenomenon come problematize student’s early stage explanation

As students take it time come think around their knowledge of what constitutes as a chemical reaction, they are immediately confronted through this phenomenon, an orange rind popping a balloon, to point out any type of gaps or difficulties with your initial explanation. In the end, student are listed with an possibility to determine an examination that will assist clarify their expertise as they begin to build an argument.

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We’re going come share both the PDF version and also a Google Slides variation so you can make changes as needed. You re welcome share her experiences through students and also give united state feedback via email to

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