Britt Robertson is an American actress well known for her roles in Disney Channel's Avalon High, The CW's Life Unexpected, The mystery Circle, Under the Dome, Girlboss, and many other great productions. The actress has been in the game since she was 14 years old, and also trust me, the girl is going places!


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Early life and family

Britt to be born on April 18th in 1990 to Beverly Hayes and also Ryan Robertson, a restaurateur. The actress to be born in Charlotte, north Carolina, in the United states of America. At the moment, Britt Robertson age is 30 years.

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Britt is the oldest of seven children; she has three younger brothers and three younger sisters as well.

The celebrated actress was elevated in Greenville, southern Carolina. She to be homeschooled because of her mother's worries around the public school system.

Pretty mrs was the very first movie the actress observed in theatres, and also the film obtained her excited about acting. However, her selection to delve right into the acting market was fueled by the town hall soap operas, which ultimately made her decide that she wanted to it is in an actress.

She started acting in ~ the Greenville small Theatre, whereby she performed plays and small shows.

When Britt was in elementary school, she was uncovered by a Los Angeles talent agent throughout a convention at Hilton Head Island, southern Carolina.


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At 14 year old, Britt moved to Los Angeles v her grandmother to look for TV and film opportunities. Her parents to be left back home to take care of her siblings.

When the actress was 16, her grandma moved earlier to north Carolina, and Britt began living on she own.

The actress revealed that although life alone would gain lonely, she made a bunch of great friends, who she would contact 'faux family'. These friends do her continue to be in LA comfortable and even cooked dinner because that her and also did she laundry for she when necessary to.

Another funny fact about the actress' beforehand life in Hollywood is that while she remained in LA, she live at the Oakland Apartments, a notorious hub for son actors and their phase moms. For the first years the she live there, hilary Duff and also Frankie Muniz frequented the place. She as soon as revealed that,


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I relocated to L.A., and I stayed in the Oakland Apartments, i beg your pardon is this well known hub for actor children and also their phase moms...For the first couple of years the I lived there, hilary Duff and also Frankie Muniz frequented the apartments. I was much younger than them at the time. I would follow them around and try to be your friends and they would have no attention in me whatsoever. Ns was simply such a huge fan the theirs. Ns wouldn’t consider them really friends, however I definitely saw them and also would stalk them favor a weirdo.

In April 2017 The Hollywood Reporter interview cultivating Girlboss, Britt talked about how cultivation up in the sector shaped her:

Being an actor you're constantly thrust right into a human being where you're giving people the patent to talk around you and also have opinions around you and your work...That alone creates a feeling of success and also failure and ups and also downs. I've certainly had that. I've been lucky the I've to be doing this because that a really lengthy time the it's all typical life come me now and I'm no greatly influenced by it. However there was a suggest in time whereby I would feel if ns failed, I would certainly never have the ability to recover and also it was the end. Whereas currently what I've taken indigenous the show is this idea that you don't need to be perfect. You can fail and you deserve to s*ck. It takes a brave human to perform that and to get up every day and also still offer it your finest shot rather than just cowering with fear.

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brittlrobertsonSource: UGC

Body measurements

Britt Robertson warm body is quite a vision to behold. While she weighs 52 kilograms (which roughly translates come 115 lbs), Britt Robertson height is 5 feet 3 inches, i m sorry is approximately 1.6 metres or 160 centimetres.


Britt made she TV debut in 2000 v an figure in Sheena as small Sheena. She showed up in the TV series' one-hour illustration titled buried Secrets. The illustration was aired on November 11th 2000.

She climate made her big-screen debut in The last Summer, a drama film that was released on April 16th 2004.

Since her debut, Britt has gone ~ above to feature in many films and TV shows, earning she over 50 acting credits.

Britt Robertson movies and also TV shows

Here is a perform of the movies and TV reflects that she has actually starred in to add the roles she played in each.

Stowaway (pre-production) - BellaBooks of Blood (post-production)A Mouthful of Air (post-production) - Rachel DavisLittle Fires Everywhere (2020) - RachelI Still think (2020) - Melissa HenningFor The People (2018-2019) - Sandra BellLittle Fig (2019) - sink GirlGirlboss (2017) - Sophia MarloweThe an are Between Us (2017) - TulsaA Dog's Purpose (2017) - teen HannahCasual (2016) - FallonMr. Church (2016) - CharlieMother's Day (2016) - KristinJack go Home (2016) - CleoTomorrowland (2015) - Casey NewtonThe Longest Ride (2015) - Sophia DankoCake (2014) - BeckyUnder the Dome (2013-2014) - Angie McAlisterAsk Me Anything (2014) - Katie KampenfeltDelivery Man (2013) - KristenWhite Rabbit (2013) - JulieThe mystery Circle (2011-2012) - Cassie BlakeThe first Time (2012) - Aubrey MillerScream 4: alternate Opening (2011) - Marnie CooperThe family members Tree (2011) - Kelly BurnettVideo Girl (2011) - video clip GirlScream 4 (2011) - Marnie CooperLife Unexpected (2010-2011) - Lux CassidyAvalon High (2010) - Allie PenningtonTriple Dog (2010) - Chapin WrightCherry (2010) - BethThree Rivers (2009) - Brenda StarkMother and also Child (2009) - VioletLaw & Order: Criminal Intent (2009) - Kathy DevildisThe Alyson Stoner Project (2009) - DJ B-RobLaw & Order: one-of-a-kind Victims Unit (2008) - Christina' Tina' Divola BernardiSwingtown (2008) - Samantha SaxtonThe Tenth Circle (2008) - Trixie StoneFrom Within (2008) - ClaireFrank (2007) - Anna YorkDan in actual Life (2007) - CaraCSI: Crime step Investigation (2007) - Amy MacalinoThe Winner (2007) - VivicaWomen the a particular Age (2006) - DoriaKeeping Up v the Steins (2006) - Ashley GrunwaldFreddie (2005-2006) - MandyJesse Stone: Night passage (2006) - Michelle GenestTangled up in Blue (2004) - TulaGrowing Pains: Return of the Seavers (2004) - Michelle SeaverThe last Summer (2004) - BethOne the Them (2003) - Young ElizabethThe Ghost club (2003) - CarriePower ranger Time pressure (2001) - TammySheena (2000) - little Sheena
trbrittrobertsonSource: UGC

Appearance as herself

Britt has showed up as herself in this productions.

Made in HollywoodHome & FamilyEntertainment this evening CanadaEntertainment TonightCamp ConfessionsRachael RayGood Morning America (TV Series)A Dog's Purpose: A Writer's purpose (Video short)The Tonight display Starring Jimmy Fallon (TV Series)The InsiderExtra through Billy BushA Dog's Purpose: Lights, Camera, WoofOn the Scene v LindaleeClevver NowThe TalkThe Graham Norton ShowSpecial LookYoung HollywoodTodayLast contact with Carson DalyThe late Late display with Craig FergusonUnder the Dome: inside Chester's MillGood Morning Portland: The making of Life UnexpectedLux, Cate, Baze, Ryan, & Math: The spreading of Life UnexpectedSXSW remind 2010Just prefer Family: The make of 'Dan in real Life'

Soundtrack credit

Girlboss - She perform in 3 episodes the this TV series:

In the episode titled Garbage Person, she perform the song Hark The Herald Angels Sing and Joy come The World.In the Motherf*ckin' Bar Graphs episode, she carry out I'm Gonna it is in (500 Miles).In the give thanks to You, mountain Francisco episode, she perform Nasty Gal.


According come the Britt Robertson - IMDb awards page, the actress has three award wins and also four nominations to her name.


In 2014, she winner a Boston film Festival - Festival Prize award under the finest Supporting Actress group for her duty in White rabbit (2013).During the 2015 CinemaCon, USA, she winner a CinemaCon Star of morning award.In 2014, she winner a Nashville film Festival ideal Actress award - Bridgestone stare Competition award Winners for her function in ask Me noþeles (2014).

Britt Robertson nominations

In 2016, she got a Teen an option Award nomination under the an option Movie Actress: AnTEENcipated group for her duty in The an are Between united state (2017).In 2015, she received two Teen choice Award nominations; one for selection Movie Actress: Drama because that her function in The Longest journey (2015) and also the various other for choice Movie Actress: Sci-Fi/Fantasy for her duty in Tomorrowland (2015).In 2004, Britt was nominated because that a Young Artist compensation under the ideal Performance in a TV Movie, Miniseries or one-of-a-kind - top Young Actress classification for her duty in The Ghost club (2003).

According to Celebrity network Worth, Britt has actually a network worth the $3 million.

Love life: who is Britt Robertson dating?

At the moment, the actress is presumably single. Hence, no one currently uses the Britt Robertson boyfriend title.

However, the actress has actually been linked to various guys in the past.

Dylan O'Brien

The Dylan O'Brien Britt Robertson relationship is the actress' most famous relationship to date. Fans who loved watching the two acting next by next in The very first Time were fast to delivery them, and soon enough, the 2 were evidenced to be an item.

Britt Robertson and also Dylan O'Brien met top top the collection of The very first Time, which was being filmed in 2011. They began dating a if later.

The 2 actors successfully regulated to save details that the Britt Robertson Dylan O'Brien partnership private, as no much around the pair was recognized to the public.

In June 2017, Britt's Instagram account was hacked, sparking engagement rumours after ~ the hacker posted a snapshot of Dylan with the caption:

"Yes, we room officially engaged. Ylan is real shown by chikri."

Dylan was Britt Robertson friend from 2012 to 2018. Although Dylan O'Brien and Britt Robertson did not officially notice the split, in august 2018, Dylan to be spotted hanging out with Chloe grace Moretz (whom that admitted to having a like on 7 years before).

Graham Rogers

brittlrobertsonSource: UGC

Britt and the Quantico star began dating in so late October 2018. Throughout the entire period of your relationship, the 2 posted a lot about each other on society media. As soon as they romantically uncoupled, Rogers turned off all the images of Britt from his social media.

KJ Apa

KJ Apa and Britt Robertson to be rumoured to be date in July 2019 after lock were viewed holding hands and kissing throughout Entertainment Weekly's Comic-Con party.

KJ Apa and also Britt Robertson were both part of the 2017 movie A Dog's Purpose. They also played love understand in ns Still Believe, a film released on march 13th in 2020. In ns Still Believe, Apa plays a Christian singer, Jeremy Camp, if Britt plays his wife, Melissa Henning.

Britt and Apa started frequently liking every other's short articles in April 2019.

In February 2020, rumours the Britt and KJ Apa were dating were shortly squashed once KJ Apa post a photo on his Instagram, confirming that he was dating model Clara Berry. The photo, which he post on February 3rd, was captioned “coup de foudre” which converts to “Love at an initial sight”.

On February 7th, Clara posted a romantic pic of her and Apa in a swimming pool in Indonesia. She captioned the photograph “J’irai chercher ton coeur si tu l’emportes ailleurs.” This translates to “I’ll find for your heart if you take it it somewhere else.”

At the moment, Britt is maybe single. The last time she posted about her love life remained in December 2018 when she post a photograph of her and Graham Rogers.

Social media

Britt has an Instagram account with 873k followers. She join Twitter in November 2009 and to date, she has actually 203k followers on the platform. She Twitter bio reads,

I prefer a most really bad television. Oh and I to be an Actor.

Frequently request Questions around Britt

Here are answers come the most commonly asked questions around the actress.

1. Exactly how old is Britt Robertson?

Britt is 30 years old, as she to be born on April 18th, 1990.

2. Room Dylan O'Brien and also Britt Robertson still together?

No, they are not. They broke up in 2018.

3. Who is Britt Robertson married to?

The actress is no married.

4. Is Britt Robertson concerned Sabrina carpenter?

No, they room not.

Britt Robertson quotes

I to be the earliest of seven. Execute my brothers think I'm supervisor cool? i wish they believed I was super cool! A many them are pretty young, therefore they don't really obtain to clock a many the television and also films that I've been in. The larger ones, i think, think I'm quite cool. Not since I'm one actor, since I'm an awesome big sister.If I have the right to play 15 when I to be 25, I deserve to play 35 as soon as I'm 55.
brittlrobertson (modified by author)Source: UGCI eat like no other, it drives everyone crazy. Ns eat donuts 3 times a day and I more than likely go through 4 Mountain Dews a day. I'm on prefer a street high at every times, nice much. Shiri Appleby, who plays mine mother, is a vegan and works out every day for 2 hours prior to she goes come work. When she sees me with my hill Dew, eat chips and a donut in ~ 4 in the morning, she's like, "Wow. Wait until you're 30".I choose really negative TV; it's a problem. Love me part reality. Would certainly I ever be ~ above a reality show? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. That would not be because that me. My mommy used come think it would be funny if I had actually a truth show: "It would certainly be cute, we could speak to it being B," since my household calls me "B." We're no doing that. We're no the Kardashians. I additionally love the Kardashians.None of mine friends really favor to party. My finest friend and also I go to bed at 11 o'clock. We have such old lady schedules. Everyone's constantly like, "Let's walk out!" and we're constantly like, "No, us don't desire to". They contact us the grandmas. L.A. Can get really old really easily if friend waste her life away in a society all night.My grandmother increased me because that a good portion of mine life. She relocated to Los Angeles v me to be an actor, therefore I've constantly had a connection with an larger generation.

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Britt Robertson is great actress v many achievements to it is in proud of. She is just one of the greatest actresses the 90s produced.