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Tim Johnson is a community dog. At very first the reader may uncover it strange the a dog has a name and also last name, yet this appears to be a typical practice in Maycomb, together the dog that belongs to judge Taylor additionally has a name and last name. However, the...

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Tim Johnson is a neighborhood dog. At first the reader may discover it strange the a dog has actually a name and last name, but this appears to it is in a common practice in Maycomb, as the dog the belongs to referee Taylor likewise has a name and last name. However, the writer makes an exciting play ~ above words v the dog"s name, Tim Johnson, and also the surname of the victim at the epicenter of the conflict in Maycomb, Tom Robinson.

At the very least in Scout"s memories, the two names came to be correlated and intertwined, after all both Tim and also Tom suffered similar fates.

In Tim the dog"s case, his wondering about caused the to gain rabies. This is why all of sudden the dog begins to plot strangely, to the suggest that Calpurnia establish the signs and also takes the children to a safe and also isolated location.

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"She adhered to us beyond the Radley Place and also looked whereby Jem pointed. Tim Johnson was not much more than a speck in the distance, but he to be closer come us. The walked erratically, as if his best legs were shorter than his left legs. That reminded me the a car stuck in a sandbed."

When Atticus learns about it, the takes his rifle and also goes to shoot the dog at close range to placed him out of that misery quicker. This was a minute that shattered most of Scouts"s innocent check out of life. As soon as Tom Robinson tries come escape the lynch mob and is shot, similar to the dog, he i do not care a lossc of a fight between people that will never discover a true ending. He is the chaste victim the is mercifully put down, similar to the dog, before others acquire to him and do something even much more vile and also torturous.