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Brian sit in the copilot chair of the tiny plane.

The airplane Brian takes to Canada is a Cessna 406, a very little “bush-plane.” the is the just passenger. The pilot is not an extremely talkative either. 

He to be thirteen and also the only passenger on the airplane … Brian...

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Brian sits in the copilot seat of the small plane.

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The aircraft Brian takes to Canada is a Cessna 406, a very tiny “bush-plane.” that is the just passenger. The pilot is not really talkative either. 

He to be thirteen and the just passenger on the aircraft … Brian had involved the little airport in Hampton, new York to meet the plane—driven through his mother—the pilot had spoken only 5 words come him. "Get in the copilot"s seat." i m sorry Brian had done. (Ch. 1) 

Brian find sitting in the copilot’s seat exciting. ~ all, he has actually never flown a airplane before and sitting there makes him feel choose he is helping fly the plane. He can see how it works. 

He had never flown in a single-engine plane before and to be sit in the copilot"s seat through all the controls right there in front of him, all the instruments in his challenge as the airplane clawed for altitude, jerking and sliding ~ above the wind currents as the pilot took off, had been interesting and also exciting. (Ch. 1) 

Later, the pilot also lets Brian fly the plane a little, teaching him about autopilot and how few of the controls work. Brian is nervous about this in ~ first, however it is thrilling and interesting. He will require these an abilities later when his pilot has a love attack and also Brian needs to land, or crash, the aircraft himself. 

During the aircraft ride, Brian is not in a very great head space. The is upset since his parental are acquiring divorced, and he to know why. That knows around the affair that his mom had. He finds it difficult to say good-bye to her, due to the fact that he walk not even know what to say or just how to be around her. That is really depressed around the an enig he is keeping.