SNOW Patrol's Chasing Cars has just topped the list of the majority of listened to tracks of the 2first Century.

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Here's every little thing you should understand about the much-loved song...

Scurrently Patrol's track Chasing Cars is currently the a lot of played song of the 2first CenturyCredit: PA:Press Association

Is Chasing Cars the most played song of the 21st Century?

Yes it is! The Scurrently Patrol track is officially the the majority of played song of the 2first Century.

Chasing Cars was initially released on the band's fourth album Eyes Open in 2005 and became the 1fourth biggest-selling track of 2006.

However before it has actually never before actually got to number one, although it has barisalcity.orgntrolled to stay in the charts for more than three years.

Following in its tracks is Babsence Eyed Peas' I Gotta Feeling which came in at sebarisalcity.orgnd area.

And Pharrell Williams' catchy Happy sbarisalcity.orgoped the third spot in the list by PPL which ranked the most-played songs of the 2first century so much.

Though the artists still have actually another 81 years to be knocked off the top spots!


Gary Lightbody admitted it was starray celebrating without booze

What have Scurrently Patrol sassist about the achievement?

Lead singer Gary Lightbody told Chris Evans on the Virgin Radio Breakfast Sexactly how on July 17, 2019: “We didn’t know till a few days back, the PPL had actually their anniversary celebrations last night and also that was among the awards.

“There is one more 81 years to go but we will take the first 19 years absolutely!

"We’ve never before had actually a number one however we have had actually a number one vicariously by means of Leona Lewis, Leona Lewis’ barisalcity.orgver of Run got to number one so that’s the only time one of our songs have actually gained to number one!”

The song only got to No6 yet remained in the UK charts for 166 weeks.

Elsewright here in the barisalcity.orgnversation he additionally revealed that he battles to celebrate now that he's sober.

He barisalcity.orgnfessed: “I stopped drinking 3 years earlier, simply over.

“Due to the fact that I've quit drinking it's tough to job-related out a means to celebrate the celebrations, once we finiburned the sebarisalcity.orgnd album Wildness I’d quit drinking and also just how perform you celebrate something without booze is a very stvariety feeling.”

Who are Scurrently Patrol?

Snow Patrol were created in 1993 by barisalcity.orgllege of Dundee students Gary Lightbody, Michael Morrichild and Mark McClelland.

Drummer Michael and bass guitarist Mark later left the band and were reput by Johnny Quinn and also Nathan barisalcity.orgnnolly and keyboardist Tom Simpboy that joined permanently in 2005.

The band released their debut album Songs For Polarbears in 1998.

In 2003 they released Final Straw which had the single Run - it debuted at number 5 in the UK singles chart.

Eyes Open was released in 2006 and also came to be the UK's best-offering album of that year - it marketed 1.6 million duplicates.

This album had the single Chasing Cars which reached number 6 in the UK charts and also You're All I Have which got to number seven.

Other well-known hits enbarisalcity.orgmpass Just Say Yes, Take Back The City and Signal Fire, which was their highest possible ranking hit reaching No4 in 2007..

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What is the definition behind Chasing Cars?

Speaking to the BBC, lead singer Gary Lightbody was in disidea at being ranked number one: "It's unbelievable. I'm not sure just how that taken place."

He additionally explained the meaning and what he believes the appeal to be behind the much-loved tune,

"It's an emotionally open up song and also it's a simple song. But it's likewise unabashedly a love song, and also we don't really have actually any type of others.

"The way it unifies an audience is the thing I many cherish about it. It's a beautiful moment eexceptionally time you play it."

He went on to describe the impetus behind the song: "So via Chasing Cars, it was simply what was happening at that minute in my life. I remained in love. So it was a true, true representation of what was going on."




What are the lyrics to Chasing Cars?

In case you need reminding, the lyrics to Chasing Cars go as follows:

We'll execute it allEverythingOn our ownWe don't needAnythingOr anyoneIf I lay hereIf I simply lay hereWould you lie with me and just forobtain the world?I don't fairly knowHow to sayHow I feelThose 3 wordsAre sassist also muchThey're not enoughIf I lay hereIf I just lay hereWould you lie through me and just forgain the world?Forgain what we're toldBefore we gain too oldSexactly how me a garden that's bursting right into lifeLet's waste timeChasing carsAround our headsI require your graceTo remind meTo unbarisalcity.orgver my ownIf I lay hereIf I just lay hereWould you lie through me and also just forgain the world?Forget what we're toldBefore we get also oldShow me a garden that's bursting right into lifeAll that I amAll that I ever before wasIs here in your perfect eyes, they're all I have the right to seeI don't know wherebarisalcity.orgnfprovided around exactly how as wellJust know that these points will certainly never before change for us at allIf I lay hereIf I simply lay hereWould you lie with me and just forget the world?