A beauty beauty blogger is separating the web after she post a video of herself trimming her eyelashes to make them grown longer.

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It is a fact universally acknowledged that when one steps right into a hairdresser's salon, they will certainly not leave without being told to barisalcity.orgme back in 6 weeks because that a trim.

Why? Because, acbarisalcity.orgrding to the age-old myth, trimming your hair frequently makes it thrive faster.

In this respect, we sort of acquire where beauty beauty blogger Cass Isel Lopez was going with the video she recently posted on Instagram of she trimming her eyelashes.

Yes, you check out that right. She trims her eyelashes.


EXTREME LENGTHS: This beauty, beauty blogger insurance claims cutting her eyelashes renders them prosper longer (Image: INSTAGRAM/CASSISEL)

The barisalcity.orgntroversial video of Cass trimming the lashes has actually been regarded over 6.8 million times in the last week.

“YES I reduced my eyelashes so the they thrive longer (think of it as cutting the end of her dead hair, keeps that healthy). It functions for me,” Cass captioned the video.

“If girlfriend don’t like spidery looking lashes then oh whale this is just how I perform MY lashes and I love it. Remember ns not telling you come go cut your lashes off this is merely what works for me, everyone is different.”

Cue indigenous of support blended with cries the horror and also outrage from she 53,000 Instagram followers who were divided on the matter.

“Oh god no, i’m cringing,” wrote one.

“Do not reduced your eyelashes, it will not do them thrive longer. Eyelash hair is not the very same as regular hair,” wrote one specifically impassioned user. “The length of her eyelashes depends on genetics and also they have a collection cycle, they will on grow to a particular length. Regular hair go not grow longer as soon as you trim the either, it seems longer because you space cutting off break-up ends so the it doesn't break and also get shorter. Hair length depend top top a range of things.”

Another added, “So I must start worrying about spit end on my lashes now? FFS.”

Many individuals speculated Cass to be trimming fake eyelashes in the video and some said she was simply trimming the mascara, no the really eyelashes themselves.

However, Cass had some supporters. “I’m certainly going to try this,” wrote one user.

“I’M not ALONE, reduced YA LASHES,” created another.

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Yet, us can’t help wonder, would certainly your eyelashes grow earlier if girlfriend did cut them?

Acbarisalcity.orgrding to healthline, the mean adult has roughly 100 come 150 top eyelashes and 50 to 70 reduced ones. This eyelashes go through a collection cycle that can last from approximately 5 come 11 months and it’s natural for some to autumn out most days also if girlfriend don’t notification them.