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Some numbers of speech consisted of within Emily Dickinson"s contemplation the death.


(Repeating a sequence of words for emphasis, in a group of surrounding phrases)

Lines 9-12:

We passed the school,

Where kids strove, at recess in the ring;

We pass the areas of gazing grain,

We passed the ...

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Some numbers of speech contained within Emily Dickinson"s contemplation that death.

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(Repeating a sequence of words for emphasis, in a team of nearby phrases)

Lines 9-12:

We pass the school,

Where children strove, at recess in the ring;

We pass the fields of gazing grain,

We pass the setup sun.


(Beginning 2 or much more words with the very same letter or repeating the same sound in ~ a team of words)

Line 5

He knew no haste

Line 24

Toward eternity


(A part of the creating that appears to contradict itself)

Lines 21 & 22

Since climate tis" centuries, and also yet each

Feels shorter than the job


(Representing something that is not human, as if the were)

Lines 1 & 2

Because I can not stop for Death,

He please stopped for me;


(From the Greek "peri" meaning "around, and also "phrasis" because that "to tell". Restating what may have currently been claimed in a vague way)

Easing the reader right into the harsher image of the dig by using softer language:

Lines 17 & 18

We paused prior to a house the seemed

A swelling of the ground;


(Hidden or proclaimed comparison of 2 objects, things or persons that are separate however share common characteristics)

This whole poem is one extended metaphor for death. In this situation the "carriage" is used to represent the i to death: