Data interaction Network

Data communications are the exchange of data in between two tools using one or multiple develops of transmission medium using one of the 3 transmission modes. That is, data interaction is activity of data indigenous one maker or end-point come another maker or end suggest through electrical or optical medium. Solution that facilitates this motion of data between devices or end-points are referred to as data communication network. There are 5 components of a data communication network. The tools which room in must be a component of a data interaction network consisted of of computer hardware and software.

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Data communication networks collection data from devices such as microphone and also let the data to be brought to the receiver or location such as a micro-computer or minicomputer. However, it can be the opposite, the is data interaction networks can likewise carry data indigenous a micro-computer or minicomputer come a maker such as printer. Data interactions networks facilitate more efficient use of computers and improve the day-to-day regulate of a organization by providing quicker information flow. Lock also carry out message transfer solutions to allow computer customers to speak to one one more via digital mail, chat, and video clip streaming.

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5 components of data communication network

5 contents of data communication network

DataSenderReceiverTransmission MediumProtocol

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5 materials of Data communication Network


Communication the data way a post or data will betransfer indigenous one device and will be got in the location or target device. Thus the first component in a data interaction network is data or post to that requirements to it is in delivered and received. Data or message can be the various develops such together text, audio, video, photo or combine of these develops etc.

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A resource must send the to a destination. This source is the sender. The machine that sends the data come the location or target is the Sender. It can be a computer, cabinet phone, video camera and also so on.


The location of atransfer data is the receiver i m sorry will receive the data. The an equipment that receive the data is the Receiver. A receiver can again be a computer, cabinet phone, video clip camera and also so on.

Transmission medium

In data interaction network, the transmission tool is the physical route for the data to take trip to the destination. Receiver receives the data at one end of this path and the sender sent from another end of the path. Infection medium could be choose twisted-pair cable, coaxial cable, fiber-optic cable etc.


A protocol is nothing yet a collection of rule that uses on the complete data interaction procedure. This is choose an agreement in between the two devices to successfully connect with each other. Because that example, just how to send the data, just how the data will certainly be traveling, how to certain that full data has actually received, exactly how to take care of errors in infection etc. Both tools follow the same collection of rule or protocol so the they recognize each other.