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2013 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis code 840.8
Short description: Sprain shoulder/arm NEC.ICD-9-CM 840.8 is a billable clinical code that deserve to be supplied to indicate a diagnosis on a reimbursement claim, however, 840.8 should only be offered for claims with a date of company on or before September 30, 2015. For insurance claims with a day of company on or after ~ October 1, 2015, usage an equivalent ICD-10-CM code (or codes).You are viewing the 2013 version of ICD-9-CM 840.8.
Detachment the the glenoid labrum and/or capsule of the shoulder jointGlenoid labrum detachmentGlenoid labrum tearInjury of glenoid labrum that shoulder jointLeft biceps strainLeft biceps tendon tearLeft deltoid strainLeft deltoid tendon tearLeft distal biceps tendon tearLeft glenoid labrum tearLeft long head that biceps strainLeft long head of biceps tendon tearLeft trapezius strainLeft triceps strainLeft triceps tendon tearReverse Bankart lesionRight biceps strainRight biceps tendon tearRight deltoid strainRight deltoid tendon tearRight distal biceps tendon tearRight glenoid labrum tearRight long head the biceps strainRight lengthy head the biceps tendon tearRight trapezius strainRight triceps strainRight triceps tendon tearRupture biceps tendon, traumaticSprain, biceps tendonSprain, shoulder joint, anteriorSprain, shoulder joint, posteriorSprain, triceps tendonStrain of lengthy head of bicepsStrain that shoulder, trapezius muscleStrain that trapezius muscleStrain that triceps brachii muscleStrain shoulder, trapezius muscleTraumatic rupture of biceps tendon
Degeneration, degenerativeanterior labral 840.8Rupture, ruptured 553.9tendon (traumatic) - see likewise Sprain, by sitewith open up wound - check out Wound, open, through siteAchilles 845.09nontraumatic 727.67ankle 845.09nontraumatic 727.68biceps (long bead) 840.8nontraumatic 727.62foot 845.10interphalangeal (joint) 845.13metatarsophalangeal (joint) 845.12nontraumatic 727.68specified site NEC 845.19tarsometatarsal (joint) 845.11hand 842.10carpometacarpal (joint) 842.11interphalangeal (joint) 842.13metacarpophalangeal (joint) 842.12nontraumatic 727.63extensors 727.63flexors 727.64specified website NEC 842.19nontraumatic 727.60specified website NEC 727.69patellar 844.8nontraumatic 727.66quadriceps 844.8nontraumatic 727.65rotator cuff (capsule) 840.4nontraumatic (complete) 727.61partial 726.13wrist 842.00carpal (joint) 842.01nontraumatic 727.63extensors 727.63flexors 727.64radiocarpal (joint) (ligament) 842.02radioulnar (joint), distal 842.09specified site NEC 842.09Sprain, strain (joint) (ligament) (muscle) (tendon) 848.9coracoacromial 840.8deltoidankle 845.01shoulder 840.8glenoid (shoulder) - (see likewise SLAP lesion) 840.8subglenoid - (see likewise SLAP lesion) 840.8teresligamentum femoris 843.8major or young 840.8trapezoid 840.8
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