I created the sentence "I am wishing the ideal to you and your family", and also I would like to know, if that is correct, especially concerning the tense.

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Yes, this is correct and also a common means to expression this. You may use one of two people your initial example:

I am wishing the ideal to you and also your family.

Or this alternative:

Best desire to you and your family.

In your initial version, you"re saying that you are right now wishing an excbarisalcity.orgent things occur to the person and also their family. In the second example, there"s an include "I send" in ~ the beginning: "(I am sending my) finest wishes to you and also your family". Either is perfectly acceptable and also common.


Your phrasing is grammatically correct, yet it is more usual to see

I great the best to you and also your family.

The usage of " -ing", such as "am wishing", is called the present progressive and also emphasizes the the action is ensuing right now. Unless you desire to contact attention come that, use the an ext basic form.


Wishing as a verb, open minded I never ever heard of, quite "wishing" as noun is provided more. Because that example,

he is now above all wishing and desire.

So her sentence is no grammatically incorrect, but somebody don"t wish for a minute for instance, they great for somebody for as long as possible, therefore "I am wishing" in this sense, appears awkward. In fact, Google NGram shows "I am wising" is no at all watched in colloquial usage.

Again, in this case, "for" sounds more natural than "to" come me. To can be used more in instances like, Do you great to carry out something?


You have actually a good point that i am wishing is a many less typical than i wish. I additionally agree that it's not incorrect. Yet I don't think it's awkward--it appears unremarkable come me. It's not constantly true the a minority kind is unacceptable; sometimes etymological variation is okay :-) It's my personal opinion that this is just one of those times.
Also: ns voted this prize up because I think it's helpful. I agree the for is much more natural, but that's simply my an individual opinion and also isn't intended to it is in a statement around English in general. Yet I additionally voted up the various other two answers, so i guess mine votes more or much less cancel out :-)
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