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GettyA woman polar bear stands by one of her 3 cubs born between last Christmas and the brand-new Year"s night in "Marineland" theme park in 2020.

If you’ve newly read the riddle that starts with “I rotate polar bear white” and also are stumped, then you’re not alone. This riddle’s been approximately for a lengthy time, however it newly went viral again throughout the pandemic. Here’s a watch at exactly what the riddle says and what the argued answer is.

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The riddle generally reads choose this:

I revolve polar bear white and I will make friend cry.

I do guys have to pee and also girls comb their hair.

I do celebrities watch stupid and normal people look prefer celebrities.

I revolve pancakes brown and make her champagne bubble.

If you squeeze me, I’ll pop. If friend look at me, you’ll pop.

Can girlfriend guess the riddle?

This riddle has obtained a most attention recently when that was common on tiktok by Jack Fanshawe of brand-new York. His video was posted in early on August and has 1.8 million reactions and 122,000 comments.

Are you all set for the answer come the riddle? read on to the next section to find out.

Here’s the Answer to the Riddle

The answer come the riddle is “No.”

All riddles have actually a trick come them, and the trick to this riddle is that there is no main answer. The real concern is simply: “Can girlfriend guess this riddle?” friend don’t have to actually number out the ins and outs the each part of the riddle. Rather, can you guess: v the answer? If you don’t understand the answer come the various parts of the riddle, climate the answer come the whole riddle is “no.”

Although “no” is the traditionally meant answer, you can make an argument for “yes” too. Anyone have the right to make a guess about the riddle, also if the guess: v is wrong. For this reason “yes” or “no” have to traditionally it is in accepted.

But rather a couple of people in discussion forums simply aren’t happy v that conclusion, therefore they’re coming up with principles of your own. Here are the proposed alternative answers that some civilization are suggesting.

In a conversation on English court from back in 2006, one person argued the answer to be “Pressure.” lock wrote:

Polar bears are white since the press at the poles is low, therefore they have actually to be able to absorb heat.

Pressure makes you cry if it’s as well much.

Pressure in your bladder provides you need to pee.

Peer pressure makes girl comb their hair

Celebrities typically crack under pressure.

Many normal world will bright under pressure.

Pancakes rotate brown many thanks to pressure created by the heat.

Champagne will certainly bubble until the pressure of the carbonation has disappeared.

If girlfriend squeeze other under pressure, BAM, over there it goes.

If you are “looking” in ~ pressure, you’re in it. Because that example–>in an airplane your ears pop under pressure!

Others indicate that the answer is time. They say the polar bears revolve white through time, time makes human being cry, men eventually have come pee given enough time, girls need to comb their hair when it grows lengthy over time, celebrities don’t look an excellent over time, and time puts push on things, making lock “pop.” This is, admittedly, a stretch, yet some world like “time” as the answer.

Others said that the price is “Yes, water” (or in the alternative, “rain.”) they say that water makes world cry, the makes guys need come pee, it makes girls should comb their hair, it makes celebrities look stupid yet normal human being can look renowned when their hair is wet. One person said that when water “evaporates” pancakes revolve brown, and also that water is required for champagne to bubble. But once again, this is a big stretch to do it fit.

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In the end though, the easiest answer is just “no.” like all riddles, there’s a trick. The trick to this riddle is the the just relevant part to the riddle is the last question in ~ the end.