About 9 hours ago, i swallowed a 1 inch piece of plastic fork. Will it damages my intestine, colon or anus? Or will certainly it dissolve and also pass through? you re welcome explain.

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Plastic is inert and also indigestible. Hence, it will pass under the digestive tract unabsorbed and also unknowingly in the stool.However, if the fork tine you have actually consumed is sharp, climate there is a probability of it gaining stuck or piercing intestinal wall. If you have any symptoms like ab pain, constipation or vomiting or melena, then visit the emergency room (ER).Otherwise, you deserve to stay cool and also just have an ext water and also fiber diet, i beg your pardon will assist in enhancing intestinal motility and throwing the end in poop.Also, you need to be an ext careful and also never repeat the again.

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