Love 사랑 (sarang) in korean is an ext than just saying oriental love words and also phrases to each various other like 사랑해요 (saranghaeyo). If you room watching any Korean drama, you can have a glimpse the Korean society about dating and also relationships. If you room a pan of any type of Kpop group, you will certainly surely have a bias that makes your heart gyeongju whenever you check out him or her. This will make you desire to learn various Korean love words and also phrases to express how they feel.

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Common korean Love Phrases

Do you have actually a crush? execute you have a friend or girlfriend? or just a fan of a handsome Oppa indigenous a Kpop band and Korean drama? If friend do, right here are some korean love phrases and words you might want to discover to scream your hearts out. These romantic oriental phrases will certainly make your boyfriend or girlfriend loss in love through you also more.

1. 보고 싶어 (Bogo Sipeo)

Korean Love Words and Phrases | I miss you

English translation: I miss out on you

Have you ever felt favor you desire to check out someone as often as you want to? The perfect word for you to usage is 보고 싶어 (Bogo Sipeo). One of the many painful feelings in the world is lacking someone. The first manifestation of being in love is that you are lacking the one friend love very often.

Quick language tip. Koreans carry out not regularly say "you" unless you room close to that person.

2. 나는너에게 반했어(Naneun Neo-ege Banhaesseo)

Korean Love Words and Phrases | I’ve got a to like on you.

English translation: I"ve got a to like on you.

Having a like on someone never falls short to make your heart race. It might not be as significant as "I love you" and also "I prefer you," but it will certainly give girlfriend chills as soon as you see that person. A study says that when your like knows the you have feelings towards him/her, he can suddenly build feelings because that you. There"s no injury in trying, anyway.

3. 같이 있고 싶어 (Gachi Itgo Sipeo)

Korean Love Words and also Phrases | I desire to be through you

English translation: I desire to be through you

Did friend remember the heartbreaking step in the korean drama "Crash Landing on You" when Captain Ri Jeong Hyuk have to go ago to north Korea, leaving Yoon Se-ri in southern Korea? What room the odds that your love one resided in a place where the is illegal for you come meet? But, choose what they say, love knows no distance. That"s just how badly they want to be with each other. If you are wondering how to express the in Korean, 같이 있고 싶어 (Gachi itgo sipeo), is the easiest means for you.

4. 만나고 싶어 (Mannago Sipeo)

Korean Love Words and also Phrases | I desire to watch you

English translation: I want to view you

Seeing the person, girlfriend love also just for a second, will certainly brighten your day. As soon as you miss out on someone, girlfriend will absolutely make a method to check out that person. Don"t just sit there missing someone and also not carry out anything about it. You can say 만나고 싶어 (mannago sipeo) to permit him/her understand that you wanted to view him/her. To Koreans, days don"t have to be expensive. Also having long walks, food trips in street food carts, and drinks can be considered as a date similar to Bo-ra and Sun-woo perform in answer 1988.

5. 좋아해 (Joahae)

Korean Love Words and Phrases | I choose you

English translation: I like you

Saying "I favor you" is a common means to confess come someone. In confessing, Koreans usually use this phrase due to the fact that "I love you" is a deeper feeling. Prefer is emotion-based, when love is decision-based. When you like someone, you room thrilled come be through him/her, but when girlfriend love someone, you discover genuine happiness. Mental that once you like someone, the can happen overnight, however it bring away time to love.

많이 좋아해 (Mani Joahae)

You can additionally use this word come express exactly how much you like someone. In English, it means "I choose you a lot." However, this would not readjust the fact that "I love you" is tho deeper.

6. 사랑해 (Saranghae)

Korean Love Words and also Phrases | ns love girlfriend

English translation: I love you

Who amongst us go not want to hear being told, "I love you?" It is among the finest feelings in the human being that is really priceless. There are various ways come say ns love girlfriend in the oriental language, yet this is the basic means you deserve to hear from them when watching their dramas. As with what is declared above, love walk not take place overnight. It takes time. You don"t easily say ns love you / 사랑해 (saranghae) to who if you space unsure what you really feel.

많이 사랑해 (Mani Saranghae)

Another method to say i love girlfriend in korean language is 많이 사랑해 (mani saranghae) to display extra sweetness. This phrase method "I love friend a lot" in the oriental language.

나도 사랑해 (Nado Saranghae)

Being loved ago is also one the the best feelings in the world. You carry out not have to hide her feeling. One-sided love is not easy for some. So, if you have actually been said "I love you," and you desire to reciprocate the feeling, you have the right to say, 나도 사랑해 (nado saranghae), which method "I love you too."

7. 진심으로 사랑해 (Jinsimeuro Saranghae)

Korean Love Words and Phrases | ns love you through all my heart

English translation: I love you v all my heart

If you are a guy and also want to win someone"s heart, you will surely require to lug many romantic korean love unit volume that will make her heart melt. You deserve to use numbers of speech like this to exaggerate and express just how deeply you room in love. But, favor what castle say, the heart is no the one the is responsible because that regulating our emotionally responses. That is thehypothalamus. Have the right to you imagine saying, "I love you v all myhypothalamus?." Probably, not! So, let"s stick through 진심으로 사랑해(jinsimeuro saranghae).

8. 나랑 사귈래 (Narang Sagwillae)

Korean Love Words and Phrases | I’d choose you to be my girlfriend or boyfriend.

English translation: I’d favor you to be my girl friend or boyfriend.

In dating, Koreans room very particular about undeded rules. That is much better to obtain to know yourselves as a girlfriend first, prior to going to a deeper connection as boyfriends and girlfriends. Go you recognize that Koreans day at the very least three times prior to deciding if they want to it is in a pair or not? This will provide time because that you to get to know the person also more. A male usually asks this question, but there will constantly be an exemption, particularly nowadays.

9. 랑 더 오래 같이 있고 싶어 (Neorang Deo Orae Gachi Itgo Sipeo)

Korean Love Words and Phrases | i would choose to spend more time with you

English translation: i would choose to spend an ext time through you

Time paris so fast when you are with the human being you love. You probably wish the you room Kim Shin in Goblin that has control over time. Sadly, you room not, for this reason the only thing you have the right to do is placed it right into words and also say, 랑 더 오래 같이 있고 싶어 (Neorang deo orae gachi itgo sipeo).

10. 나는 너를 친구 이상으로 생각해 (Naneun Neoreul Chingu Isangeuro Saengakhae)


English translation: I think of girlfriend as an ext than a friend

Remember once Taek and Jung Hwan fell in love through their childhood finest friend Deok sun in answer 1988? walk you check out how complex things can gain if you fell in love v a friend? that is not poor to autumn in love with a friend. In fact, it has actually a lot of advantages because you knew each various other for a long duration of time. But, the concern is, are you willing to danger your friendship come say, 나는 너를 친구 이상으로 생각해 (naneun neoreul chingu isangeuro saengakhae)

Cute and Flattery korean Phrases come Tell her Loved-One

Koreans love to it is in cutesy in everything they do. But, as soon as we speak cute, it"s not always for the girls. Guys can be cute too. In fact, they have actually this term dubbed 애교 (Aegyo) which method "acting cute" in English. In Korea, lock don"t have actually strict masculinity standards, unlike in other cultures.

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It is crucial in a connection to compliment each other with sweet and also flattery words that have the right to make castle smile. Here are part romantic korean phrases that you can use to compliment your loved one.