If someone asks "How room you?", i m sorry of the following is grammatically correct?

"I to be well, thank you. And also you?" or "I to be well give thanks to you. And also yourself?"

"Yourself" sounds more formal, and also is used typically in daily language (at least in mine surroundings). However, I"ve been doing a tiny bit the investigation right into the usage of my vs myself and also you vs yourself and it appears that that is only used reflexively to reflect back to "you" or "me" as the subject. E.g., you hurt yourself. In the case of "and you/yourself?", you/yourself is being offered as the subject, in which case it would certainly seem that the correct variation would be "And you?".

Any clear up on this would certainly be great!

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Either of these is fine, return if you"re walk to use and there should be a comma. The 2nd sentence has a quiet you in it, referring earlier to the truth that it to be the original human who asked an initial and is gift thanked.

I to be well, give thanks to you, and also you?

I to be well, give thanks to you, and also (you) yourself?

However, asking, "How space you?" may well be derived from one old greeting, "How execute you do?"

According to Stephen Fry, the just correct an answer to "How do you do?" is, "How do you do?". Since Stephen fried food is, that course, the authoritative source of all things barisalcity.org, perhaps we"re both wrong.


As much as ns am concerned, yourself is plainly wrong here. And you? is brief for And exactly how are you?. Over there is an increasing propensity to usage reflexive pronouns (-self words) unnecessarily.


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