Similar words:retrospective,prospectively,retrospection,introspective,retrospect,in retrospect,prospective,respectively.Meaning:<"retrə"spektɪvlɪ>
adv. In a manner contemplative of previous events.

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(6) The reasonable grounds can not be retrospectively detailed by questioning during the period of detention.
(7) InPart One the life story are used only retrospectively, illustration on childhood storage of grandparents.
(9) Excuses and also equity duty retrospectively in particular cases quite than as general prospective rule seeking to overview conduct.
(10) The regulation operates retrospectively on the communication of precedent, evaluating each individual case on the merits.
(11) just as hand-operated catalogues are not harmonised retrospectively, so digital versions are unlikely ever before to be.
(12) plenty of previous studies have actually sought risk determinants retrospectively in the context of trials designed mostly to recognize a difference in between antiulcer treatments.
(21) approaches Retrospectively analyze 819 cases time intra neck vein tube fixings in between 2004.6 - 2007.8.
(24) This is in enhancement to the numerous illicit an elderly house officer short articles uncovered through the task force process and validated retrospectively.
(25) Methods: The essential of nursing because that 20 patients undergoing percutaneous nephrolithotomy by endoscopy and holmium laser was studied retrospectively.
(26) Methods: The diagnosis and also treatment the 6 instances of priapism caused by tumour were analysed retrospectively.
(27) techniques Clinical data that nine kids with gastric teratoma to be retrospectively analyzed in hospitalization from 1986 come 2002 period.
(28) Materials and Methods:The CT features of 70 situations with Cerebellar hemisphere tumors surgically and also pathologically showed were retrospectively analysed.
(30) MethodsThe clinical data of 75 instances who underwent LCDE with suture needle puncture and discission of bile duct in our department throughout the previous 2 years to be analyzed retrospectively.

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More comparable words:retrospective,prospectively,retrospection,introspective,retrospect,in retrospect,prospective,respectively,retroactively,introspection,introspect,perspective,respective,retroactive,selectively,subjectively,effectively,defectively,objectively,in perspective,irrespective,protectively,collectively,reflectively,ineffectively,irrespective of,prospect,prospectus,prospector,spectroscopy.