Synonym:Providence,capital that Rhode Island.Similar words:provident,provide,provided,provider,evidence,province,incidence,residence.Meaning:<"prɑvɪdəns /"prɒ->
n. 1. The capital and largest city that Rhode Island; situated in northeastern Rhode Island top top Narragansett Bay; website of Brown university 2. The guardianship and also control worked out by a divine being 3. A manifestation of God"s foresightful treatment for his creatures 4. The prudence and also care worked out by someone in the management of resources.

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1. Providence is always on the side of the big battalions.
2. Providence is constantly on the next of the strongest battalions.
5. It seemed choose providence the the doctor happened to be passing just at the time of the accident.
11. But divine providence interceded, for the wheel broke, the spikes paris off and also injuring plenty of bystanders.
12. In 1978, in Providence, Rhode Island, disturbances damaged out ~ an unexplained murder the a black man by police.
13. A year ago, in a 71-69 loss in ~ Providence, Abrams committed a vital turnover that wound up gift the difference.
15. Y., to Providence, ran aground Friday afternoon after the tugboat pushing it was disabled by an unexplained explosion.
16. When Bud fires up the cast-iron Providence wood stove, a faint recollection of chickens emanates native the floor.
17. Without wishing come tempt providence in any type of way, we appear to have obtained away bright in so much as Winter is concerned.
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22. Although they worked through institutions, they had actually no constant sources of income and also were entirely dependent ~ above providence.
24. Such is what the timeless doctrines of divine omnipotence, preservation and providence room really saying.
25. His followers space to to trust in the goodness and providence of your heavenly father and also abandon their care around the material world.
26. Mule Skinner had actually no qualms around taking complete credit for an action of providence, assumed the rector.
28. We start in ten days and I firmly depend on the kindness of Providence to approve me a safe and also prosperous passage.

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More comparable words:provident,provide,provided,provider,evidence,province,incidence,residence,coincidence,confidence,provision,provincial,evident,improvisation,presidency,credence,decadence,impudence,independence,declaration that independence,video,divide,undivided,prove,proven,intelligence agency,provoke,proverb,approve,improved.