1 : to happen, go, or come prior to (something or someone) Riots preceded the polite war. She preceded him into the room. See an ext ExamplesThe country became an ext conservative in the years that preceded his election. The brand-new mayor is an extremely different native the human who preceded she in office. The conference was preceded by a short welcoming speech.Hide

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2 : to carry out or to speak something prior to (something) The chairman preceded the meeting v a short welcoming speech.

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Minutes before 10:30 p.m. In China, the stadium pulsed with the emotions that constantly precede a 100-meter final. — Tim Layden, Sports Illustrated, 25 Aug. 2008 but research has now shown that so-called responses come rhythm in reality precede the exterior beat. Us anticipate the beat … — Oliver Sacks, Musicophilia, 2007 The print media ape the manners of television, and on television kind precedes content, feeling replaces thought, legend substitutes for history, fiction dictates come fact. — Lewis H. Lapham, Harper"s, September 1998 Riots preceded the civil war. She preceded him right into the room. The country became an ext conservative in the years the preceded his election. The new mayor is really different indigenous the human who preceded her in office. The meeting was preceded by a brief welcoming speech. The chairman preceded the meeting v a brief welcoming speech.
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Recent instances on the web Deploying one last bullpen game in 2021, Baltimore opened with thomas Eshelman, who retired the first six Toronto batters only for a solitary to precede a home run by Danny Jansen. — Nathan Ruiz, baltimoresun.com, 2 Oct. 2021 at the time, Looney Tunes had just end up being popular, and the cartoon shorts would often precede Warner Bros. Features on the huge screen, Bauza said. — NBC News, 27 July 2021 low numbers sometimes however don’t always precede drops, nor high number spikes, even at the excessive ends of the scale. — Barry Glassman, Forbes, 24 Sep. 2021 and the actual finishing of the collection does no deliver practically as effectively and also creepily together the climaxes that the 2 episodes the precede it. — Jen Chaney, Vulture, 24 Sep. 2021 The initiative incorporates what is typically called the Life food Model, i m sorry operates under the premise that wellness at each stage in life, including pregnancy, is shaped by the life stages the precede it. — Crocker Stephenson, Milwaukee newspaper Sentinel, 23 Aug. 2021 Those room the kinds of industry movements the precede an economic slowdown. — Greg Ip, WSJ, 21 July 2021 complying with his steamy performance at the bet Awards on Sunday, rapper and singer Lil Nas X is teasing his debut album, Montero, through a teaser that networks the opened credits the precede every Disney Marvel movie. — Nick Romano, EW.com, 29 June 2021 These devices can recognize the small tremors and also movements that Earth’s surface ar that deserve to precede eruptions, together magma rises inside a volcano. — Roland Pease, Science | AAAS, 15 June 2021

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middle English, from middle French preceder, from Latin praecedere, from prae- pre- + cedere to walk