absent Smash have the right to be beneficial in the right hands. This Pokemon room the best selection for finding out the move.

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There space very couple of moves in the Pokemon series that complement the weirdly complex history of absent Smash. It originally debuted in Pokemon yellow & Silver as a Fighting-type TM through a weak 20 power, yet in later gamings was upgraded to an HM with 40 power that enabled users come break certain rocks in the overworld.

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v Pokemon knife & Shield, the move just learned v leveling up, and also isn’t required to stop rocks in the environment anymore. Nonetheless, rock Smash has a actual legacy, v some Pokemon being famous or powerful users that this formerly essential attack.

Updated January 25th, 2021 through Gene Cole: more time has actually passed because the relax of Pokemon sword & Shield, and also both the Isle the Armor and also Crown Tundra. As a result, the Galar Pokedex has expanded massively in that time, and has lugged even more Pokemon the now learn Rock stop natively after its retirement native HM status, making for few of the strongest individuals of this classic attack.

Swampert from the Pokemon Anime all set for battle
Swampert receive a many Fighting-type move in Pokemon knife & Shield, yet even because Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire, it’s been a worthwhile user of this moderately solid attack. Many thanks to its fairly high defense, the lower power and also lower opportunity of a an additional effect don’t matter as much because this Pokemon native Hoenn can take the time.

beyond that, many of its various other Fighting-type options have pretty serious downsides. Brick break is quite even, however moves like Superpower and Hammer arm debilitate Swampert quite heavily, making rock Smash a how amazing worthwhile option even in the modern-day day.

among the more recent Pokemon to find out this classic move is Sirfetch’d, and its earlier type of Galarian Farfetch’d. Since they both debuted after ~ the retirement that HMs, these two find out this move by leveling up, and also in your first Galar adventure this relocate is honestly not too bad compared to other low-accuracy and also low-power options.

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The dependence on critical Hits with Farfetch’d additionally make it surprisingly an ext effective 보다 you’d think, together its signature Leek item have the right to make hits more consistently an effective while ignoring any kind of debilitating stat changes. This only stacks harder with the lower defense that can come v Rock Smash, do Galarian Farfetch’d perhaps stronger than its evolution.

Zapdos leaping upwards to usage Thunderous absent in the Crown Tundra the Pokemon sword & Shield
The newest Pokemon in the game to discover this move is Galarian Zapdos, and it’s wonderfully flavorful of this strong-legged roadrunner come be capable of break rocks v its enormous power. Utilizing Rock Smash with this Pokemon is a statement, together it’s together a classic move that original users the Kantonian Zapdos would surely never have imagined.

Unfortunately, the harder come justify utilizing this move compared to other strikes like nearby Combat and also Thunderous Kick, both the which are much much more powerful without having actually too high a cost. The said, there’s nothing wrong with flexing on your enemies by tossing rock Smash right into your moveset that this powerful new competitive option, as it’ll quiet deal more than enough damage to any kind of vulnerable opponent.

Tapu Bulu indigenous the Pokemon Anime relaxing top top a cliffside
Unlike plenty of newer users of rock Smash, Tapu Bulu’s especially surprising provided that the debut game completely replaced HMs. The said, this Alolan Legendary might need this standard move much more than any type of other, together this physically-minded Island Guardian lacks a surprising variety of solid physical moves, specifically the Fairy-type relocate Play Rough and the Isle the Armor’s Grassy Glide.

This means that Tapu Bulu have the right to actually usage Rock Smash, as its shallow movepool permits it to try many more experimental attacks. Yes no valid factor for Tapu Bulu to have this form of move, but there’s no reason it can’t use it come the ideal of its ability either.

Urshifu is another Pokemon with several an ext options as well as Rock Smash because that Fighting-type attacks, yet it can’t be argued that this is just one of the strongest customers you might find. This Pokemon is grossly overpowered thanks to its ability Unseen Fist, which prevents opponents native using defense moves prefer Detect and also Protect.

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This way you’ll hit through Rock quit every time, and with that ludicrous physical attack stat, it’s certain to horribly damage your enemy with every hit. Add on one Aqua Jet or Sucker beat to end up them turn off after your defense is lowered by the former HM, and also you’ll have the ability to take under foes of almost any size.

The initial Zigzagoon is conveniently recognizable as among the greatest HM individuals of the Pokemon series, being crucial member of your team in Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire if you didn’t desire to teach them to your key team. Through its various other potential HMs the Surf, Strength, and Cut, you can traverse many of Hoenn using simply this solitary Pokemon.

due to the fact that then, Zigzagoon has grown past its root by having a Dark-type Galarian form in Pokemon knife & Shield with better stats and also a wider range the moves. Anyone that returns to Hoenn, though, is certain to get a most use the end of this helpful small raccoon.

Zigzagoon and also Bidoof might not have actually a many uses as well as HMs, yet your starter Pokemon certainly do. Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire brought some especially an effective Pokemon to start with, however Treecko can frequently be seen as the worst the the 3 by not having actually a an additional typing as it evolves.

absent Smash help Treecko have actually a an excellent advantage, as having actually a Fighting-type move gives it one edge end Ice and also Steel-type Pokemon the it could have trouble against. Having a much more diverse moveset can assist give Treecko some much-needed power, and also saves girlfriend from keeping an unexciting HM user filling up her team.

while Eevee cannot discover too countless HMs, its evolutions deserve to take on a much more comprehensive range. Most of the Eeveelutions deserve to learn rock Smash, but couple of can take benefit of absent Smash favor Flareon, who has actually quite a high physical attack and severely lacks a wide range of move types.

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If us were to ever get a Fighting-type evolution of Eevee someday, Flareon would most likely not need to take into consideration a move like absent Smash at all. Until then, this relocate is a great addition come a Pokemon that requirements all the help it can get to keep up with its siblings.

absent Smash has one other impact that is frequently not as well relevant, as fifty percent the time it can likewise lower the target"s defense by one stage upon impact. This deserve to be an effective in longer battles, that is unreliability have the right to make it not worth considering in most instances.

The exemption to this is Togekiss, together its strange ability Serene elegant doubles the likelihood of second effects triggering top top its moves. Frequently this is provided in competitive war to maximize the opportunity of making your opponent flinch v moves choose Air Slash, yet the possibility to lower your foe’s defense each turn renders Rock stop a precious option.

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Another ability that have the right to improve the usage of absent Smash is Technician, which to add fifty percent more power to any type of moves it supplies with 60 power or less. Absent Smash fits right right into that category, and this can help the attack be comparable in strength to other typical Fighting-type moves prefer Brick Break.

There space very few Pokemon that deserve to learn absent Smash and also have the Technician ability, yet Scizor has both while additionally lacking plenty of other Fighting-type moves. That does have the potential to discover stronger alternatives like Superpower v breeding, however being maybe to quickly teach it absent Smash from a reusable HM provides a much much easier alternative.

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