well ns a noob to this tablet and ns was playing around with it and set a sample lock reasoning it would be a funny thing to do so the my mam wouldnt have the ability to got on the tablet. However then about 30min later on I forgot what the hell the sample was. It tablet computer is brand new so there is nothing really conserved on there i would choose to understand if there is a way I can just placed everything back to defaults or take this lock off. Im still able to usage the tablet but if the display screen isnt offered in 30min the goes right into sleep setting then I need to use the unlock pattern to open it. Therefore I have to turn it off then back on just to usage it again

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This offered to be stickied before the forums to be rearranged:http://www.barisalcity.org/forum/android-tablet-usage-apps/6280-forgot-your-unlock-pattern.html
well i established how come reset my Coby Kyros there is no the stupid unlock pattern and for those thst are courious permit me brake it dow or ( copy the from support - commonly Asked inquiries | COBY and also paste that rate here so girlfriend wont need to follow a dumb attach :How do I gain access to my tablet computer if i forgot the unlock pattern code?This procedure will delete all items (files) and also entries top top the MID7015-please ago up files on your computer if feasible first. This is a master Reset Procedure.Power the unit off. Press and hold the "Power Button" it rotates the "Device Option food selection appears.Click "Power Off" and also select "OK"Once the unit has been turn off. Press and also hold the "back" button(silver ton button) and also "power" switch simultaneously because that eight seconds.When the Android Icon and warning triangle appear , push the "back" switch )silver tone button) once.The Android recovery display will appear. The "Home/Menu" button will allow you to role up and also down.Press the Home/Menu switch to role to "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" Then push the "back" buttonOn the next screen Scroll to "yes-delete all user data" press the "back" button.On the following screen choose "reboot device now" and also Press the "back" button.You will now be able to access the tablet.
Dec 26, 201110
Thanks. This obtained me the end of warm water with my son. I collection up his tablet computer for that right before Christmas and then can not remeber the pattern. I evaluate your help!!!
Dec 25, 201171
I tried that but when i pressed the silver- bottom one time after ~ the triangle appeared, nothing happened
Jan 8, 201210
Ok , I"m still puzzled . Ns tried come lock my tablet computer so my small sister wont have the ability to get in that . Ns don"t want my mommy to recognize that that locked because she stated I wasn"t all set for it yet . So have the right to you guys assist me unlock that in one easier means ?
Jan 20, 201220

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when i rotate the tablet computer off andhold the power button for eight secs the triangle doesnt appear what perform i do?