Hold the N/n crucial and the letter n with various accent marks will certainly pop up. Slide to select Ñ/ñ.

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That’s it!

Android Phone

Like on an iPhone, girlfriend can kind Ñ/ñ on an android phone call the same way.

Long push the N/n key.Slide to pick Ñ/ñ ~ above the options that pops up.

If Ñ/ñ doesn’t appear when you lengthy press the N/n key, examine your keyboard settings. If the language the your key-board is collection to English, enable Filipino or Spanish too. This need to make Ñ/ñ easily accessible as one option as soon as you organize the N/n key.

Windows computer system or Laptop

Using Numeric Keypad

If her keyboard has a numeric keypad, girlfriend can type Ñ/ñ by complying with these steps:

Enable the numeric keypad by transforming on the Num lock key.Hold the Alt vital then kind 164 top top the numeric keypad to develop a small letter ñ. For the uppercase Ñ, host the Alt key then type 165.

Note the this would certainly only job-related if your computer / laptop has a numeric keypad situated on the right side that the keyboard.

To quickly remember, right here are the key-board shortcuts:

ñ: Alt + 164Ñ: Alt + 165

Using the personality Map

If your laptop doesn’t have a numeric keypad, you can uncover Ñ/ñ making use of the personality map. This is how:

On the task bar, click the Windows icon.Search because that Character Map.Open the character Map app and also look because that Ñ/ñ.Double click the Ñ/ñ to select and click Copy.Paste (Ctrl+V) it on the document you’re keying in.Mac (Macbook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac)

Typing Ñ/ñ is less complicated on a Mac. Here are two options:

OPTION A: Press and also hold the N button and it will present Ñ in a perform of options. Just click Ñ and you’re done.OPTION B: hold the OPTION switch then push N. Once you carry out this, a tilde (~) would certainly appear. Release the Option an essential and push n again to produce ñ. Because that an uppercase Ñ, friend should form an uppercase N too (by holding change as you push N).

To summarize, right here are the keyboard shortcuts: Option N + N or long push N.

Microsoft Word

MS native on Windows

When keying on ms Word on a Windows PC, you have two alternatives on just how to insert Ñ/ñ.

Type N0303 top top the paper and then press Alt + X. Remember the you do not do it press an are when law this. If you want to get in a small letter ñ, form n0303 and also then push Alt + x.Press Ctrl + shift + Tilde (~) and then type N because that an uppercase Ñ. To produce a small letter ñ, push Ctrl + change + Tilde (~) and then type n.

MS indigenous on Mac

If you’re using MS indigenous on Mac, the procedure for Mac applies.

Hold the Option an essential then push N. As soon as you do this, a tilde (~) would certainly appear.Release the Option crucial and press n again to develop ñ or Shift + N to develop uppercase Ñ.

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Mac key-board shortcut: Option N + N

About the Letter Enye

Ñ (capital Ñ, small ñ, pronounce enye) is one of the letter that we borrowed from international languages and adjusted into the modern-day Filipino alphabet. It’s one of the plenty of influences that Spain left after over 3 centuries that colonization. Today, while Ñ is one of the least frequently used letter in our alphabet, it is other that we encounter a lot especially in ideal names.

Every so often, friend would uncover yourself having to kind this letter to spell a surname of a person. You could have girlfriend whose very first names space Niño or Niña or whose last names space Muñoz, Peña, Ordoñez, Ibañez, Nuñez, or Mañalac. Or you can want to visit or send something to locations like Biñan or Dasmariñas. In metro Manila alone, there space two cities v the letter ñ: las Piñas and Parañaque. Or you might want to shout Pit Señor! come express your gratitude to the Santo Niño!

Regardless the your factor for wanting to find out to form enye, us hope our guide over was may be to help you!