Carrying a baby in a rear enbarisalcity.orguntering child seat? Here’s just how to deactivate her front passenger air bag.

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DO NOT deactivate the prior passenger airbag if you’re making use of a front facing child seat.

If not utilizing the infant seat, activate the wait bag when more.

What to look out for:

The deactivation switch will be in the glove box. If not, then it will certainly be on the next of the passengers’ seat.

Look for the deactivation lock. It must look choose a little circle You have to look the end for a tiny circle that says “Passenger airbag” about it.

Insert your car key. Turn it until the white note points barisalcity.orgme the ‘off’ position. Next, turn on the ignition to view if the airbag has actually been deactivated.

On your dashboard, the airbag deactivation warning symbol need to illuminate. This should show that it has now to be turned off and is no in use.

How can I Deactivate mine Passenger wait Bag?
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