If you’ve permitted the content Advisor and set a password to safeguard your net Explorer, yet now friend don’t desire the password any much more or you lost it, what space your options? right here in this article, we are going to define how to eliminate content torture password in Internet traveler to make her IE web browser unprotected.

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Way 1: eliminate content torture password through Registry Editor

Step 1: press Win + R keyboard shortcuts to bring up home windows Run dialog box. Kind regedit and also press Enter vital or click yes button. At this moment, the User Account control will launch. Then click yes to accessibility Registry Editor.


Step 2: it is registered Editor opens. Navigate come the location:

HKEY local MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrent VersionPoliciesRatings.

Click top top the Ratings folder. ~ above the right-side pane, right-click top top the Key and also click Delete. Click Yes in the pop-up dialog to delete the key. This will certainly delete the contents Advisor password indigenous your web Explorer.


Step 3: near the Registry Editor.

Step 4: open your net Explorer and you can accessibility websites without any password required.

Way 2: exactly how to remove content torture password in Internet traveler without registry Editor

You can’t directly remove content Advisor password without making use of Registry Editor, however you deserve to disable contents Advisor option in Internet explorer so the you don’t need to form Supervisor password every time you access websites in internet Explorer. In order come disable content Advisor, you need your old supervisor password. Make sure you quiet remember the password before you start the actions as below.

Step 1: Start web Explorer. Click Tools on the toolbar and also then in the submenu click Internet Options.

Tips: In Internet explorer 10/11, click the small settings symbol in the height right edge of the browser and also then in the submenu click Internet Options.

Step 2: pick Content tab and also click the Disable button under contents Advisor. Confirm the User Account manage dialog if prompted.


Tips: In Internet traveler 10/11, you might can"t see the content Advisor section in the Internet alternatives dialog; that"s due to the fact that Internet explorer 10/11 hide content Advisor by default. You should manually permit it to present in internet Options. See exactly how to allow Content advisor in Internet traveler 10/11.

Step 3: form the supervisor password in the Password field and click OK.


Note: If you have ever before removed your Internet traveler Supervisor password, it will need you to develop a brand-new password before you deserve to disable the contents Advisor.

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Then the content Advisor have the right to be disabled in web Explorer. Then the individuals don’t require password any more while accessing net Explorer. However, the password is still not removed; friend still need the at sight password prior to you can adjust Content advisor settings.