We are always answering questions about the older instance machines. We have put with each other the table listed below to provide you few of the straightforward data about the older instance Skid Steers/Uni-Loaders. We hope this is helpful.

Current instance Skid steer Models

TRIVIA: The ax Uni-Loader originates from Case’s purchase of the global Loader company in 1968.

Click top top the model number come download a in-depth spec sheet.

ModelYears ManufacturedEngineSAE net HPFuel TypeHyd Pump OutputMain Relief (psi)AlternatorOperating load (lbs)
15371969-1971WISC37Gas18 gpm1500
17371971-1975CASE 148G37Gas18 gpm200020 amp1700
1737S1972-1975CASE 148G37Gas18 gpm200020 amp1700
17401971-1975CASE 188D40Diesel18 gpm200020 amp1700
18161973-1977TECUM HH16016Gas8 gpm115020 amp700
1816B1977-1981TECUM OH16016Gas8 gpm115020 amp700
1816C1981-1985ONAN B43M16Gas8 gpm115020 amp700
18181987-1997ONAN18Gas9 gpm175020 amp550
18251987-1997Kubota V150521Diesel8 gpm230025 amp800
1825B1997-2003Kubota V150527Diesel9.6 gpm230030 amp885
18301974-1980RENAULT TR68832Gas9.4 gpm225020 amp1200
18351980-1982CASE 188D/CASE 148G34/32Diesel/Gas10 gpm225042 amp1220/1200
1835B1982-1987CASE 188D/CASE 188G34/32Diesel/Gas15.5 gpm225042 amp1200
1835C1987-1997WisCon TM2048Gas16.4 gpm230065 amp1200
18401989-2001CASE 4.3951Diesel15.3 gpm230065 amp1400
18451975-1982CASE 159G/CASE 188D45Gas/Diesel15 gpm232542 amp/20 amp1700
1845B1982-1985CASE 188D/CASE 159G45Diesel/Gas16.8 gpm232542 amp1700
1845C1986-2000CASE 4-39057Diesel16 gpm230065 amp1750
40XT2001-2005CASE 4-39056Diesel19.1 gpm300065 amp1500
60XT2001-2005CASE 4-39069Diesel21 gpm300065 amp1800
70XT2001-2005CASE 4T-39079Diesel21 gpm300065 amp2000
75XT1998-2000CASE 4-39057Diesel19.1 gpm275065 amp2200
75XT-22000-2005CASE 4-39067Diesel19.1 gpm300065 amp2200
85XT1997-2005CASE 4-39069Diesel20.3 gpm300065 amp2400
90XT1997-2005CASE 4T-39074Diesel20.3 gpm300065 amp2450
95XT1997-2005CASE 4T-39074Diesel22.8 gpm300065 amp3150
4102005-2007Case 422/M2 4-Cylinder51Diesel1500
4202005-2007Case 422T/M2, 4-Stroke Turbocharged, 4-Cylinder59Diesel1750
420CT2005-2007Case 422T/M2, 4-Stroke Turbocharged, 4-Cylinder59Diesel1750
4302005-2007Case family members III 445/M2 4-Stroke, 4-Cylinder80Diesel21 gpm300095 amp2000
4352005-2007Case family members III 334T/M2 4-Stroke Turbocharged, 3-Cylinder78Diesel21 gpm305095 amp2300
4402005-2007Case family III 445T/M2 4-Stroke Turbocharged, 4-Cylinder89Diesel21 gpm300095 amp2200
440CT2006-2007Case family members III 445T/M2 4-Stroke Turbocharged, 4-Cylinder89Diesel21 gpm300095 amp2200
4452005-2007Case family members III 445/M2 4-Stroke, 4-Cylinder81Diesel
445CT2005-2007Case household III 445/M2 4-Stroke, 4-Cylinder81Diesel
4502005-2007Case family members III 445T/M2 4-Stroke Turbocharged, 4-Cylinder88Diesel22.1 gpm300095 amp2450
450CT2006-2007Case household III 445T/M2 4-Stroke Turbocharged, 4-Cylinder88Diesel22.1 gpm300095 amp2450
4652005-2007Case household III 445T/M2 4-Stroke Turbocharged, 4-Cylinder88Diesel