Recent examples on the web There space no walk-through corrective methods or movie sessions because that ankle sprains. — James Crepea | The Oregonian/oregonlive, oregonlive, 6 Sep. 2021 The girl was shot in the calf and also ankle while the boy experienced a graze wound come his hip. — Talia Soglin,, 5 Sep. 2021 Jolie attract a black suit v a lace camisole in the clip, while Hayek is pull in a metallic jumpsuit and also black ankle boots. — Quinci Legardye, Harper"s BAZAAR, 4 Sep. 2021 was standing tall, easy grasping the grip of a wade cane while wearing a black ankle brace, previous Marcos de Niza kicker Krysten Muir wasn’t an alleged to it is in here. — Jeremiah Sosa, The Arizona Republic, 4 Sep. 2021 That would be a big jump from critical year’s 5-11 record, asking fairly a many from new quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and Von Miller’s operation repaired ankle. — Brett Knight, Forbes, 4 Sep. 2021 This slim discount is for three various other styles—one is cushioned, one is supportive, and one offers ankle stability. — Louryn Strampe, Wired, 4 Sep. 2021 Hand, that missed three games with a groin injury last year, endured a season-ending ankle last December. — Dave Birkett, Detroit totally free Press, 3 Sep. 2021 Aiyuk didn’t practice this week through a hamstring strain after absent games critical year together a rookie v hamstring and also ankle injuries. — Eric Branch, San Francisco Chronicle, 3 Sep. 2021

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History and Etymology because that ankle

middle English ancle, ankill, maybe going ago to one unattested Old English result of germanic *ankula- (whence Old prije person & middle Dutch ankel "ankle," Old High German anchal) alongside *ankila- (whence 16th-century netherlands enckel "ankle," center Low German enkel, Old High German enchil) and also *ankilōn-, *ankulōn- (whence Old High German anchla, anchala, anchila "ankle," Old norseman ǫkkla), diminutive the a base checked out in *ankjōn- (whence Old High German ancha, anca "limb, nape of the neck," Old vikings ekkja "heel"), the uncertain origin

Note: center English ancle is frequently presumed to have actually been obtained from a Scandinavian predecessor (with a preserved nasal consonant) the the norseman etymon attested as ǫkkla in Old Icelandic.

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Complicating the already complicated mixture of creates given above are middle English anclee, anclowe and their modern dialect descendants such together ancliff, ankley, i beg your pardon go back to Old English anclēow, anclēowe "ankle," cognate v Old frisian onklef, anklef, center Dutch anclau, anclief, Old High German anchlao; these appear to display conflation with the outcomes of german *klawō- "claw" (as Old English clawu, clēa "claw, hoof"; view claw entry 1). Germanic *ankula- is commonly further identified with Indo-European *h2eng-(e)lo- (see edge entry 1), though the etymon could equally fine be derived within german from the basic *ank- seen in Old High German ancha. The latter has actually been connected with Sanskrit áṅgam "limb, member" and aṅgúliḥ, aṅgúriḥ "finger, toe," which shows up to have suffixation comparable to german *ankula-.