Who is your favorite cartoon character? You might not notice it, yet the boy voice you hear in cartoons is often created by adult women.

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In the human being of voice acting, gender does not matter. Many famous adolescent male personalities you prospered up with, consisting of Jimmy Neutron, are voiced by adults. Many voice talents just sound right throughout auditions that spreading directors rental them to perform a boy voice. The reason may be because hiring kids requires production to follow boy labor laws.

Not only that, a boy’s voice changes and also deepens as soon as they struggle puberty. Since it’s not typical for cartoon personalities to age, the manufacturing would rather hire who that would not age out your role. Examine out this article if you curious about doing a young voice.

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This write-up was updated in April 2021

Female Voice Talents deserve to Do A young Voice

Women play a boy voice is component of cross-gender acting, which refers to talents play a personality of opposing gender. The is usual because that cartoon characters under the age of 12 to be voiced by one adult woman due to the fact that experienced actresses execute not have actually the same needs as prepubescent voice actors. Component of the reason this happens is also due to labor regulations that prevent children from spending means too lot time in the studio. Due to the fact that of this, women have the right to maintain their function longer.

There are likewise men who portray boy voice in films and cartoon shows. However, the voices of females are an ext adaptable and versatile than those of male voice end talents. Sometimes, also adult women play a young girl’s voice.

In Japan alone, son voice actors seldom have a successful career due to the fact that finding one adult to perform a boy voice is relatively easy. Employing someone who deserve to do a high-pitched voice will allow a character to sound youthful and also cute.

A man or a woman who can do a boy voice is considered to have a high level the skill. This factor is why it is a rewarding career. Lock can also work because that decades, which method that they deserve to do a wide range of boy characters without showing indicators of aging.

Voicing kid Characters

Whether you space a seasoned voice gibbs who wants to shift to getting your boy voice right or a newbie who wants to infiltrate the boy voice over scene, these tips listed below will help you. Return it wouldn’t be easy, girlfriend will quickly sound authentic together you pull turn off a young voice.

Listening come kids

The first step to getting a boy voice appropriate is to do proper observation. While you might simply watch movies that attribute children, such together The Incredibles, it would certainly be much better to invite her nephews over to your place and also treat them to a game or movie night. Try to see how actual children talk to every other and list the points you want to imitate in their voices.


Timmy Turner

Timmy Turner is among the many recognizable cartoon personalities of children born in the 1900s and 2000s. The 10-year-old boy has actually two fairy godparents, Wanda and Cosmo.

It originally aired in 2001, and also ran for 5 seasons. Then, the display was rebooted in 2008 until 2017. This display has won numerous awards and remains one of the many successful shows ever. Timmy Turner, the show’s protagonist, is voiced by Tara Strong, who additionally voiced personalities in Rugrats, Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls, and Teen Titans.


It appears that females voice most boy-geniuses. Dexter native Dexter’s Laboratory, an inventor and boy genius that spends his time in his secret laboratory, is famed for his outstanding inventions. Christine Cavanaugh voices the lead character throughout the very first two seasons. Then, Candi Milo took end for an additional two seasons. The latter likewise worked for Rugrats and also Puss in Boots, amongst many others, until she passed far in 2014.

Bobby Hill

Bobby Hill, voiced by Pamela Adlon, is part of King of the Hill, a show which concentrates on a middle-class household living in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas. The show an initial aired in 1997 and also had a effective run until 2010. Bobby, the only child the Peggy and also Hank Hill, is mostly passive yet exhibits one innocent and also kind attitude. Adlon winner an Emmy compensation for impressive Voice Over performance for her impressive work-related on the show.


Goku, an Earth-born Saiyan indigenous Dragon round Z, was largely voiced through women, consisting of Saffron Henderson and Barbara Goodson in the English version. The only guy who lent his voice come the character was Sean Schemmel. In the original Japanese versions, Masako Nozawa voiced the character.

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Bring the end Your Inner boy Voice

Just because you are an adult walk not typical you cannot pull off a boy voice. Think around it: it would certainly be a nightmare to recast whole show just since child voice actors went v puberty. Now that you recognize most man boy personalities feature a woman behind the scenes, you can be motivated to monitor suit. Soon, you have the right to take part in this financially rewarding and financially rewarding niche.

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