Proper guide for how to Send Fake Live Camera snapshot on Kik 

Kik is a renowned mysterious message app. V this app, you have the right to talk come strangers indigenous any part of the world without revealing your actual identity. This is why the is well known in many of the teenager and also youngsters.

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With the help you this app you have the right to send text, video, Pictures, Gifs, stickers, Meme and also more. When it comes to sending pictures, friend can choose two choices on Kik. You either can use the images from the camera roll or usage the Kik application camera. However, the recipient will recognize that even if it is a picture is newly clicked or it’s sent from the gallery. That’s since you can discover the camera inscription on a photo when it was taken native the app. This is the main reason why civilization love this application because users want to send Fake Live Camera photo on Kik.

Choosing a fake live snapshot for Kik helps customers to use the existing picture from the camera roll and also send it together a live picture. This way, the recipient will never recognize whether a snapshot was recently taken or not, due to the fact that it constantly shows the camera caption with the picture. If you desire to send any fake live pictures, then you are going to love this article where ns going come teach girlfriend a few simple methods.

What is a Fake Camera because that Kik?

there are two approaches in this application to send images on chat. You have the right to either take it a live picture from the Kik application or pick from the camera roll. Live picture works as with on Instagram once you usage the camera throughout the chat

these two options are slightly different on Kik. If you select the Live camera, then Kik placed the “Camera” subtitle beside the picture. On the other hand, when you send a photograph from your mobile gallery/camera roll, climate it won’t usage a camera caption. So, you deserve to send any kind of pictures, even if it is it to be a screenshot, download old one, and fool her friends the it was the hottest freshly clicked one.

Is it possible to do a Fake Live Camera top top Kik?

 Kik changes a couple of features and also adds the brand-new one come the app. That’s why the app interface is barely different from the old version. So, if you have not updated her Kik, then it is feasible to fake a live camera website third-party application. However, after ~ an update, this trick will not work. 

But don’t worry if it’s your latest variation of Kik. That’s why today, I’m right here to aid you out to send fake live camera pictures. Okay reach that section really soon. However, if you space in a hurry, then straight hop to the key topic down below.

Is it for sure to usage a Fake Camera for Kik?

Usually, sending a fake live camera snapshot on Kik can’t be excellent from within the app. You need to download the third-party application on your device. Installing an additional application top top your machine for Kik is no piece of cake. You also have to take care of security and privacy. As long as you pick the right application because that a fake live camera, it won’t be a problem; otherwise, her data and also information will certainly be negotiated.

To resolve this mystery, we pick the best and also safe applications for Kik come send fake live camera pictures. Friend don’t have to worry around anything other than how to usage it appropriately on Kik.

Why usage Fake Camera on Kik?

Let me clear it first, why you have to use the fake camera on Kik also though you have actually a camera top top the app. If you use the fake camera because that Kik, climate you can send any kind of pictures from your galley as the recent click picture.

Besides that, over there are also lots of other reasons to usage a fake camera.

In trouble Moments:

Suppose you are having actually a conversation v your new crush. You are in your typical state; wearing sweatpants, messy hair, or simply wake up. Abruptly your crush asks you to send a picture of you, and you claimed yes, now in this situation you can’t say wait because that 10 min and start to gain ready for a selfie, right? By that time, she/he can go offline since of waiting too long.

So there my friend a fake camera can save her life. Just use the an excellent old picture from the gallery and also send it. Her crush will never ever know because Kik will include the “Camera” subtitle beside the picture.

For funny :

A fake live camera because that Kik is likewise the best method to have actually fun approximately with your friends. Prefer how?

Well, you deserve to use a downloaded snapshot of a snake from the internet and also send it to your friends saying that, “look, there’s a large snake top top the road.” girlfriend can additionally photoshop your photo right into meeting a singer celebrity somewhere or include a fake tattoo on your wrist.

There room plenty the funny jokes i m sorry you deserve to do with your friends using the fake live camera. Therefore this can also turn your boring time into a fun time.

Response to wrong calls:

On the Kik messenger, anyone can include any people by browsing random usernames. Due to this, any kind of outsider deserve to offend friend by sending out out messages if they discover your username during a random search. So, the the best way to respond come that specific person calming them forever by sending the fake live upset picture.

Tricking Around:

Do you know that Kik has a feature called “Meet brand-new People.”?.with this feature You have the right to talk to any stranger for around 15 minutes, and also you deserve to also include them if you liking them. You have the right to use famous celebrities come act favor you and also fool around with strangers. Just select the an excellent selfie picture of any type of celebrity and also pass her time.

How to Send Fake Live Camera picture on Kik?

There are lots of apps out there to use for the Fake live camera snapshot on Kik. Some of them space on the Google Play keep or application Store, and also some the them are on the website. If you select to download the app remotely on the store, then it will eat your time by recognize the ideal one because that Kik. However, if you use the website, climate you can directly get the fake live camera application but have to follow a few additional actions to download.

Here I’m giving the fake live camera app for Kik native both the store and also website. For this reason feel free to choose any kind of option follow to your desire or comfort.

Okay, give thanks to me later and l, et’s acquire started.

App because that Android Devices:

I have provided two apps to send fake live camera pictures on Kik. One native the Google play Store and also another from the Website. Both the the apps occupational flawlessly for Kik to usage camera roll pictures as a fake live camera picture.

So, take it a look at both the the apps.

Fake Camera Kik App:

This application is finest to fool any type of friends by using currently clicked pictures as a live camera picture. You need to visit the website come download this application on your maker (Android/IOS). This app not just works because that android users but additionally iPhone users.

First of all Download Fake Camera Kik AppAfter that revolve off any AdBlock or antivirus software program on your maker while downloading and install the app. ~ the download and also installation process fully complete, climate you deserve to turn top top the AdBlockNow, finish the two offers to unlock the app. You need to install both of them on your machine and operation it for 30 seconds.Once you finish both that the offers, update the web page until it shows the Download Button.Now, download the app on her device. The dimension of the app is approximately 109MB because it is currently ready to job-related for a fake live camera picture. Girlfriend don’t need to install various other applications v this.Once the download is completed, then install the app.Open the app using her Kik login information.Finally, choose the photo from the camera roll and sent it together a fake live camera snapshot on Kik.

With this, friend can easily fool approximately with your friends or strangers by sending fake live camera pictures. You can also use this application on her computer. Every you have to do is get Kik because that PC and also follow the same procedure as above.

Gallery Cam:

Gallery video camer is another method to send fake live camera pics top top Kik v Android devices. Girlfriend don’t need to root your an equipment to get this app. It works flawlessly with any android. You just need come download the app and get your project done.

First Download Gallery cam You have to download the previous version of Kik to work-related properly. Usage the as much as down website come download the older version of Kik.  First Download the application then install the application on her device.Then launch her Kik app.Now, head come the procedure to send photos on Kik.

When you will tap ~ above the Live Camera icon, and it will certainly ask i beg your pardon camera do you want to use.

Here, pick the Gallery cam app and also send currently clicked pictures as a fake live camera picture.

IOS Devices:

You have the right to send fake live pictures on Kik iphone without any problem. Every you have to do is download the AppValley application on her mobile and approach the Kik app from it. The procedure is very straightforward and simple to use on the iPhone. Moreover, you even don’t have to download the older variation of Kik because AppValley chin stores the previous variation of the Kik.

This application is not on the application Store, for this reason you need to visit the website to obtain the app.

First, download the AppValley on your device.

Then monitor these steps to usage AppValley on an IOS device.

Keep in her mind that You must have actually both the original Kik app and the one which you have just downloaded from AppValley. 

 When you will click the install alternative it will certainly ask for few permissions, enable them all, and starts installing.Then, wait for a few minutes and also complete the download process.Once the download is completed, then open the AppValley app.On the search section, kind Kik and also install the app.When the environment is complete, and also you open the app, then it pop-up a message “Untrusted companies Developer.” clicking this is allowing permission to her iPhone to to trust the recently downloaded Kik app.So, walk to your mobile settings.Tap on the General.Now, role down and also tap on file & device Management option.Under companies App, tap HenanNan Mobile games Software.Here you have to tap on trust to all the access.After that, open the Kik app, i beg your pardon you have just installed from AppValley.Finally, send a fake live camera photo to your friends ~ above Kik. It functions perfectly fine.

So this way, you can conveniently send any type of fake camera pictures on Kik. However remember, don’t delete the original app; otherwise, it won’t work.

Point to save in mind for Fake Camera:

Whenever sending fake camera pictures on Kik, do remember to retain her privacy. Carry out not send any an individual pictures just for fun, an especially to strangers. Not all civilization are good; several of them have actually a poor intention and can destroy your life through that picture.

Always remember Privacy is for your safety.


This application can be a life-changer application when you room talking with your like and also other friends. You have the right to retain a good impression with your friends or various other close world it is a an excellent way if you don’t desire to share your selfie v others.

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But, psychic if you are using fake live camera pictures, other people can additionally use them. So, don’t believe everything you experienced on the Kik messenger once it concerns the pictures.