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exactly how do I use a barisalcity.org video game Card?

barisalcity.org video game Cards space redeemed for eStore Points, which can be supplied at both the Ganz eStore (ganzestore.com) or at the barisalcity.org WShop within barisalcity.org World. Purchased video game cards have the right to be redeemed by complying with the indict below.

To use your game Card in barisalcity.org World:

Log right into your barisalcity.org account. Open up the points to do menu and go to the barisalcity.org eStore. Go into the code discovered on your video game Card into the eStore Points password field. Click the "Redeem Code" button. If you gone into the code correctly, the points will certainly be added to your account and also you’ll be able to start shopping appropriate away!

To use your video game Card in ~ the Ganz eStore:

Log right into your Ganz eStore account. Click "eStore Points" in the Nav Bar. Role down, past the choices to purchase eStore Points. Get in the code uncovered on your video game Card into the Redeem Points password field. Click the "Redeem" button. If you entered the password correctly, the points will be included to your Ganz eStore account and also you’ll be able to start shopping ideal away! What are eStore Points?eStore Points space the money used to acquisition premium digital items for every Ganz online worlds. What have the right to I buy through eStore Points?In barisalcity.org world you can purchase to exclude, premium virtual items and also clothing for your barisalcity.org pets the cannot be purchased any type of other way. If you get in your password at the Ganz eStore, girlfriend can also use her points to purchase Virtual barisalcity.org Pets, online Charms because that the Charm Forest and also virtual MAZIN" Hamsters. Deserve to I profession or market items purchased through eStore Points?Items purchased through either eStore cannot be traded, sent through KinzPost or sold at the W Shop. What happens if i don’t want my eStore items anymore?There room no refunds or exchanges on virtual items purchased v eStore points. Please just purchase items you room sure the you want. Execute eStore point out expire?eStore Points perform not expire. They have the right to be offered at any time while her account is active. What happens if my barisalcity.org account expires?To use your eStore Points and the items purchased with your eStore Points, her account have to be active.

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If her account expires, friend will require to embrace a brand-new barisalcity.org pet, or sign up for a deluxe account, i beg your pardon keeps your account open for as long as you are a deluxe member. I gone into my code and nothing happened, or I obtained the dorn amount.For technical worries with the redemption the your video game Card, please call our eStore Customer business team in ~ ganzestorecs