Americans are regularly criticized roughly the world for an i can not qualify to manage any type of language but English. A sign exterior the main Media facility in downtown Salt Lake City is sure to give ammunition to such critics.

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The authorize is printed in English and also French, the two official languages of the worldwide Olympic Committee. In large letters, in English, it uses directions to an “East Gate” and a “South Gate.” In French, in smaller letters underneath, both “East Gate” and “South Gate” room inexplicably described as “Porte Nord.”

“Nord” is French for “north.”


Real Heady Experience

The opening-ceremony berets might be the hot headgear for American fans, yet other countries are looking much more than a small weird in your chapeaus of selection at the speedskating venue.

The Canadians have a snappy small knit number in the shape of a maple leaf. Red, naturally.

Then there space the Dutch. Speedskating is the nationwide sport in Holland and Netherlanders revolve out in droves because that every race--wearing the orangest orange they deserve to find. The netherlands wear orange crowns. They wear orange wigs--fright wigs and also that ever-engaging rug with the dangling orange braids. Part wear orange animals.

Considering the preponderance the Wisconsin skaters ~ above the U.S. Team--Casey FitzRandolph, Kip Carpenter, chris Witty, Elli Ochowicz and also Catherine Raney--the Utah Olympic Oval would seem a haven for foam cheeseheads. Alas, not a cheesehead has actually been seen.


Bend her Mind

OK, what language is this?

We quote from a push release describing an Olympic event:

” ... Is having actually to supply the game’s final granite.”

” ... Take one v the hammer in the first.”

” ... Attracted for one against three counters in the sixth.”

” ... Executed a triple takeout come thwart.”

” ... Might attempt to attract the four-foot.”

” ... She rock could be surprise behind much cover, particularly with the ice running relatively straight.”

” ... She shot struck front guards and rolled harmlessly.”

If you said curling, you victory a broom.


Air Supply

From a Salt Lake weather report--does this sound familiar?

“The ground will gradually come to be filled with fog and also haze, further reducing visibility and also ... “

” that becomes difficult or impossible to check out the surrounding mountains.”

“There will be countless days when visibility would be lessened by fog and haze...”

Here, they speak to that an turning back layer. In southerly California, over there is an additional term. Smog.


Where ABBA?

Canada’s fans consisted of the majority of the group at the E facility for the Canada-Sweden hockey game, yet once Sweden take it a 4-1 lead in the second duration (on the means to a 5-2 victory), it to be much less complicated to listen the little pockets that yellow-and-blue clad sweden fans.

One an especially noisy team chanted in Swedish, although the melodies were recognizable to practically any American. Castle chanted come the song of “Stars and also Stripes Forever,” “If you Happy and also You recognize It Clap your Hands,” “Yellow Submarine” and also the lyric-less chorus come “Buffalo Soldier.”

And, emotion the worldwide spirit (or possibly feeling comfortable v their lead and hoping for a closer game) they even joined the Canadian pan in chanting “Let’s walk Canada.”


Familiar Tune

The Russian men’s hockey team offered high marks to the return that its nation’s old nationwide anthem. Russian chairman Vladimir Putin restored what had been the music come the old Soviet anthem in 2000, but with various words. Numerous Russians remember the old lyrics.

“It was an excellent to hear the old anthem,” facility Alexei Yashin said. “It brought earlier memories of all of our good teams.”

Coach Slava Fetisov, that played on plenty of of the Soviet Union’s powerful teams during the 1980s, also took a good-natured jab in ~ the Canadians, who were the Russians’ cook rivals for hockey supremacy during the Cold War.

“I enjoyed hearing it,” Fetisov said. “We had many victories under this anthem. Us all recognize it--and any kind of Canadian player at any time of work or night will have the ability to hum the Soviet anthem again.”


Royal Rumble

Prince Albert that Monaco has a score come settle once he competes in a record fifth Olympics in the four-man bobsled.

His goal is to beat a quartet native Hungary, through a magnum of champagne in ~ stake.

Adding shade to the rivalry, two members of the Hungarian team live in London and met through accident while jogging.

Nicholas Frankl, 30, who father fled Hungary in 1956, became fascinated by the bobsled in 1992 while watching that on TV during the Albertville Games.

He chose to kind his very own Hungarian team and, through coincidence, found his brakeman when he ran into another London-born Hungarian if jogging.

“On our travels, us met Prince Albert in Norway. The was incredibly generous, lending us tools and also equipment,” Frankl was quoted together saying in London’s Evening conventional on Friday.

All the this has backfired top top Prince Albert, in ~ 43 the oldest bobsled driver in this year’s Olympics.

Frankl’s team finished 28th at Lillehammer, when the Monaco foursome put 43rd.

Four years later on at Nagano, Frankl win the Prince by 2 places. Now they’re heading for showdown No. 3. The two-day event begins next Friday.

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Times staff authors Alan Abrahamson, Mike Kupper, Mike Penner and also J.A. Adande and also the associated Press contributed to this report.