Saying ‘thank you’ in French is easy: one word: “merci” (mair see). However it’s no the only way. What around saying “you’re welcome?” or expressing her gratitude in French + audio recording.

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So let’s dig right into the various ways that saying give thanks to you in French!

This short article features audio recordings. Click the blue text alongside the headphone come hear me say the word or sentence in French.

Note that once applicable, I offered a modern-day spoken French pronunciation.

Thank friend in French

The most typical word to say ‘thank you’ or just ‘thanks’ in French is “merci“.

It’s pronounced like “mair see” (watch out, no “mur” sound!!). The “you” part is included, so watch out, we don’t speak “merci tu” like I periodically hear students say.

Nuancing “Merci”

You could nuance saying say thanks to you in French it this way:

Watch out for “merci bien“. You’ll hear the in France, yet it may be frown upon in upper social classes. Therefore I imply your stick v “merci beaucoup“.

As through saying hello in French, the always an ext polite to monitor your say thanks to you v “Monsieur, mam or Mademoiselle” or the surname of the person.

Madame or Mademoiselle ? If the distinction is no much longer used in governmental forms and also letters, castle both still are really much used when speaking.


How to Say “You space Welcome” in French

To answer ‘thank you’ in French, we’d use:

Note that although really very usual “de rien” (it’s nothing) is no considered ideal by part French people and will it is in frown top top in upper social classes.

You’ll also hear “il n’y a pas de quoi”. I would rather interpret the intention into “don’t mention it”. You’d just say this when you really median it was nothing at all.

Watch out! “Bienvenu” way you are welcome as in “welcome to my house” “bienvenu chez moi”, or “je vous souhaite la bienvenue” – ns wishyou welcome… yet it’s never used as response to give thanks to you in France.

Thank friend Notes space not usual in France

It’s not very commonin France to write “une carte de remerciement”. I mean, it’s really polite, yet it’s not choose in the united state or England where thank you cards room a huge market.

Feel free to send out a say thanks to you note – it’s in no means a “faux pas”, simply don’t expect your French friends to reciprocate. Here is much more about writing letters in French.

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No thanks in French

If you to speak “merci” v a smile, it indicates that girlfriend accept every little thing is being readily available to you. If you wanted to reinforce the you accept, you can say: “oui. Merci.“

However, you can say “non merci”, and shake your head “no”. Or also just say “merci” v a hand gesture, showing your palm come the human being in front of friend in a sort of stop gesture: this would typical you refuse. You may like my article on just how to accept and refuse in French politely.