Hi, folks! this day is Christmas Day and also we are going to teach you how to say Merry Christmas in Portuguese so that you can wish come all her Brazilian girlfriend a happy holiday. We are additionally going to study exactly how to to speak Christmas in Portuguese and vocabulary all about Christmas in Portuguese.

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How to say merry Christmas in Portuguese?

Christmas is a very important holiday in Brazil, so if you have any Brazilian friend you must know just how to speak nice words to them about this day! here are a few suggestions the sentences that you can use come say funny Christmas in Portuguese to her friends and also family:

Feliz NatalMerry Christmas
Boas FestasHappy holidays
Um feliz Natal, repleto de amor, amizade e alegria!A merry Christmas full of love, friendship and joy!
Boas festas com muita paz, amor e alegria.Happy holidays with much peace, love and joy.
Feliz Natal e Próspero Ano NovoMerry Christmas and also a prosperous brand-new year
Bom Natal e um feliz ano novo!Merry Christmas and a happy brand-new year.
Que todos os seus desejos se realizem!May all her wishes come true!

Saying funny Christmas example

Want come know much more about Christmas in Brazil? examine out our Dica and also hear our most famous Christmas song!

Take a look in ~ the conversation below:

João: Alô, Paula. Estou car ligando para desejar um Feliz Natal para você e toda sua família!Paula: Oi, João! Feliz Natal para você também. Espero que ganhe muitos presentes!

João: Hello, Paula. I’m call to wish you and your household a funny Christmas!Paula: Hi, João! Merry Christmas for you too. I hope girlfriend receive numerous gifts!


Vocabulary around Christmas in Portuguese

Wishing world a funny Christmas in Portuguese is not everything, right? You additionally need come know details vocabulary about Christmas in Portuguese if you desire to talk to your friends about it. So, examine out this vocabulary perform we prepared for you and also enjoy the Christmas spirit.

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Just have in mind that we don’t have snow and low temperatures in Brazil. And actually, throughout Christmas the season in Brazil is summer. Have the right to you imagine Santa Claus sweating? hahahahaha

A véspera de NatalChristmas Eve
A ceia de NatalChristmas night supper
O espírito natalinoChristmas spirit
O Papai NoelSanta Claus / dad Christmas
A chaminéChimney
A lareiraFireplace
A renaReindeer
O trenóSleigh
Os cânticos natalinosChristmas carols
A decoração de NatalChristmas decoration
Os enfeites de NatalChristmas ornaments 
A árvore de NatalChristmas tree 
As luzes de Natal/ Pisca-piscaChristmas lights 
O presenteGift 
As meiasSocks 
O boneco de neveSnowman
O floco de neveSnowflake 
A velaCandle 
A guirlanda de NatalChristmas wreath 
Os sinosBells 
O biscoito de gengibreGingerbread cookie 
A estrela de BelémThe star the Bethlehem
O presépioNativity scene 
A manjedouraManger 
Os três Reis MagosThe Magi, the wise Men, the 3 Kings
A Missa execute GaloMidnight Mass 
O amigo secreto/ o amigo ocultoSecret Santa

How is Christmas commemorated in her country? through snow and also winter or v sun and summer?

For you, what’s the best component about Christmas? for me is the food!! and Brazilian Christmas food is the best!

Did you know that at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, in Rio de Janeiro, we have actually a vast Christmas tree? It’s a huge attraction, people love going over there to see it.

Well, folks!!…Rio & Learn,  our Portuguese School, wishes you a Feliz Natal and also may all your wishes come true!A big kiss native Rio de Janeiro to the entirety World!

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