I"m a student and my class laughs as soon as we find out a new verb because that "to kill". Simply to list several of them:


There space of course numerous others.

What room the key differences in between these and other significant barisalcity.org words that are frequently translated "to kill"?



The thesauri and dictionaries sell marvelous assist with some of these.

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Adapted native Döderlein"s Hand-book the barisalcity.org Synonymes:

Interficere and perimere are the most general expressions for putting come death, in every little thing manner, and also from everything motive, yet interficere as a usual, perimere as an old, forcible, poetical expression. Interimere requires the accessory id of privacy, as to remove out of the way; Dionysius alterum jussit interfici, quia viam demonstravisset interimendi sui.> necare, the of injustice, or, in ~ least, cruelty, to murder. Boxum protinus placuit interfici; Biconem etiam every cruciatus necari.> Occidere, jugulare, trucidare, obtruncare, percutere, represent a sanguinary death-blow; occidere means by cutting down, especially the service of the soldier in honorable open battle; jugulare, through cutting the throat or neck, or fairly by a skilfully-directed thrust right into the collar-bone, especially the service of the bandit, after the pattern of the gladiator; obtruncare means to butcher, massacre, and cut come pieces, after ~ the path of the aer murderer; Cæteri evil pecorum obtruncantur; so that you might see a mangled mass of limbs, together in the heap that slain in a battle.> trucidare, come slaughter as one would a steer, ~ the manner of the blood-thirsty miscreant, who, without meeting with resistance, dram the hero top top the defenceless; Juberet interfici; offerre se corpora iræ; trucidaret.> percutere, come execute, as a mere mechanical act, after ~ the manner of the headsman, or various other executioner the a sentence the condemnation, or, in ~ least, the a death-warrant. Cujus consilio occisus sit invenio; cujus manu percussus sit non invenio.>

And adjusted from Smith"s Copious and an important English-barisalcity.org Dictionary:


interficio (most basic term). cædo (to cut or beat, even if it is to death or not; to kill by wounds or blows). To slay. neco (by wicked and cruel means; as, assassination, poison). To murder. occido (to cut down, esp. In battle). To slay. trucido (to death violently and also ruthlessly). To butcher. interimo (to do away with, cut off). To destroy. obtrunco (to cut down, esp. In the means of killing or assassination).

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To slaughter.

I must say, as a spoken-barisalcity.org advocate, that, while barisalcity.org deserve to be frustrating once you want to talk about things like a malfunctioning ATM or the challenge one has signing up for a user account, when you"re as angry a human as i am it"s quite useful to have so countless words through which come imagine people"s violent ends.