I confirm my calendar this morning and also I establish it’s February already, widely related to as Valentine’s day.

I felt an advice to express mine love to all of you, and also then ns thought, why no teach you just how to carry out the same? after ~ all, the is an important winning card to have in your inventory!

Love is every around. Love is everything. Love is… simple to learn. I will teach you five different ways to express your love come a far-ranging other, according to five different levels of soot of love.

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1. I like you in Thai

Let’s begin with the very first level! If you have started to choose someone, and simply desire to state it, go ahead and also say:

ฉันชอบคุณ /Chãn chôrb khun na/ = “I favor you.”

/Khun/ is considered to it is in a much more formal method to address someone.If friend desire to be an ext casual around the totality thing, use words เธอ /theer/ instead.

ฉันชอบเธอนะ /Chãn chôrb theer na/ = “I like you.” (more casual, puppy love)

2. Ns am falling in love v you!

Let’s progress to the next stage. If you currently like someone and also think that you space falling in love through them, you deserve to say:

ฉันกำลังตกหลุมรักคุณ /Chãn kam-lang dtòk-lum-rák khun/ = “I am falling in the love feet of you.”

Does the straight translation sound a little bit weird? permit me explain:

ฉัน /Chãn/ = I/me (female speaker)ผม /Phõm/ = I/me (male spaker)กำลัง /kam-lang/ = am around to ตกหลุมรัก /dtòk-lum-rák/ = fallout’s in the love holeคุณ /khun/ = the you.

While us don’t to speak falling in the “love hole” of you in English, yet simply say “falling in love v you”, in Thai, speak “falling in the love hole of you” is equivalent in definition and intent to saying “falling in love through you” in English.

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Don’t worry. It works