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Greetings indigenous Yataity, Paraguay. This is the an initial (notes because that the) episode of a podcast I favor to contact Guaranime. In this podcast we will certainly be learning just how to speak Guaraní, the language that the beautiful country of Paraguay, wherein I am right now living together a peace Corps Volunteer.I’m make this podcast as component of my business work, through future and also current volunteer in mind, together with state department workers and also any various other english speakers who room crazy enough to take it one the job of learning to speak prefer a stunner person.Before i arrived i hadn’t heard one native of Guaraní. I additionally did not recognize much Spanish, therefore the change was quite tough. I’m hoping civilization can benefit from this by discovering a little Guaraní before they come down. Also, I’m learning Guarani with Spanish, i really wish I had actually someone to teach me in English. For this reason that’s miscellaneous I’m hope to provide.So here’s just how this podcast walk to walk down: I’m walk to shot to make a podcast about every two weeks, if ns can and also if it’s no raining and the web is working and also I don’t feel like drinking terere in mine hammock instead. That’s exactly how we role in Paraguay. I’m going come aim for 10 new words every podcast. After I provide a brand-new word, I’m going to pause so you can repeat it. At the end, I’m walking to have a indigenous speaker speak the words during the review.Today we space going to talk about the idea the jopara and also I’m walk to offer you some greetings because that vocabulary. Then we space going to speak a little about how words are made up in Guaraní.I to be still a student for sure. I’m simply now at the allude where I deserve to have small conversations. Come make sure all the info is accurate in the podcast, I’m going to have these great reviewed by a trainer who speaks English and also Guaraní.But here’s a caveat around Guaraní, as long as we’re talking about what’s right and what’s wrong. Guaraní is an dental language the varies from an ar to region. The Guaraní that I know is appropriate on my street in Yataity in the an ar of Guairá. There might be sports in different areas, for this reason the best method to find out is yes, really to practice with the human being where friend live. You will understand that you’ve acquired it wrong once people suggest and laugh in ~ you.Nothing is more frustrating than once you research something and the an initial time you usage it her friends say, “No one talks prefer that.” it may just be that people talk like that in Takuati, however not in Caazapa. Therefore really, regional public dead is walking to it is in your best teacher.Here’s you’re very first major lesson in how civilization speak, which is the idea of jopara. In Paraguay, over there is Guaraní and also Spanish. When civilization say Guaraní Guaraní, castle mean total Guaraní, i m sorry hardly anyone uses. More popular is jopara, which method mixture, the Spanish and also Guaraní. Periodically you’ll discover the Guaraní word for something, and the first time you usage it, someone will certainly be like, simply use the Spanish and you’ll feel favor a complete dork. And also you throw an additional flash card in the trash. Regrettably the best way to learn is trial and also error, for this reason prepare yourself for a the majority of error.Now it’s time for those 10 vocab wordsLet’s start with greetings, since when people stare in ~ you, if you look as foreign as i do, you’re walking to desire something to rest the azer silence.Just prefer in English, over there are quite a few ways come say hello.The most formal, because that strangers or older folk, is Mba’éichapa. For civilization who are your age, or with whom you’re friendly, there is Mba’etekoiko. And likewise Mba’e la pórte. For either one of these, your response is going to be Ipora, which way you’re doing well. You could also say Tranquilopa, which way everything is tranquilo or chill. Over there you view a tiny of the jopara, v the spanish tranquilo and also a Guaraní indigenous ending, pa, i beg your pardon we’ll gain to later. (So my Guaraní guardian told me that when it"s a jopara, in textbooks anything the is jopara is separated with a hyphen, like, tranquilo-pa, to emphasis that one is Spanish and also the other Guaraní. Yet I think that"s stupid and I"ve never ever seen it composed that way in real life, so ns will continue with the non-hyphenation college of thought on this one. I will not think various of friend if you use the dash.)After who says how are you and you to speak fine, it’s nice to say, “And you?” For that you’re going to say, Ha nde. Many likely, if all is well, they will say Ipora avei. The avei way “as well.” together in, "I’m good as well."Other less formal greeting space Ha upei? which literally means, and then? In the street, boys and also men passing each other yell out Op! and also for one last word, we’re going come say good-bye, because that which you can use Jajotopata.So, there you have it, 10 native to study this main in Guaraní. Currently I’m walk to have a small conversation.Mba’e la porteIporã, ha ndeIporã avei.Mba’etekoikoTranquilopa.Mba’éichapaIporã ha ndeIporã aveiNow, if you’re brain is fried already, pause and also take a tv break. If not, let’s go on come talk about how native are comprised in Guaraní.At the threat of sound a little too primary school schoolish, we’re going come say words in Guaraní are like trains. In Guaraní, you can add different components to a word, different train car in front and in back like top top a child’s toy train set. Each one transforms the meaning.Let’s look in ~ that lengthy train that we simply talked about, the word because that good-bye: jajotopata.In the middle there is the verb car, topa, i beg your pardon means, come find.The Ja sound i m sorry starts the word is the car that dead the blog post of that is act the verb. Ja means we do this verb. Us find.The Jo that comes ~ it, is the auto that is reciprocal, meaning we’ll do it to every other. We find each other.And finally, the caboose ago there ~ topa is ta, which is the auto that way the future, that someone will execute this verb in the future. Us will discover each other. Is the literal meaning translation, type of like a “see ya soon” in English.Don’t problem too much about this now. However as us go on, you’ll begin to be able to pick personal words, to check out each auto that provides up the train.Now let’s review!1. What would you say to an larger woman that you’ve just met for the very first time?Mba’éichapa2. How around someone through whom you room friends?Mba’etekoico or Mba’e la porte3. Someone claims Mba’e la porte come you, and it’s a totally chill day, relaxing in the hammock. Just how are you going come respond?Tranquilopa4. How about just saying “I’m good”?Iporã5. Then how are you going come ask them, “and you”?Ha nde6. Girlfriend ask someone how they are. They speak Ipora, ha nde. Just how are friend going to respond?Iporã avei7. You’re riding her bike rapid down a hill and zoom previous a friend. What’s the quickest greeting you can think of?Op!8. Friend greet a girlfriend in the street and are around to walk on her merry way.

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Exactly how do you to speak Goodbye?Jajotopata.That´s it! For much more info on Paraguayan peace Corps life, inspect out my blog at Mba’éichapaMba’etekoikoMba’e la pórteTranquilopa Ha ndeIporãAveiHa upei?Op!Jajotopata