If you are familiar with that person you can simply speak “Buenos días” or “Hola” complied with by a question around how castle are:

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MorningBuenos días. ¿Cómo estás? Good morning. Just how are you?Bien, gracias y ¿tú? Good, thank you and you?
AfternoonBuenas tardes. ¿Cómo estás? Good afternoon. How are you?Bien, gracias y ¿tú? Good, give thanks to you and you?/td>
NightBuenas noches. ¿Cómo estás? Good evening. Exactly how are you?Bien, gracias y ¿tú? Good, say thanks to you and also you?
Morning / afternoon/ NightHola. ¿Cómo estás? Hi. Just how are you?Bien, gracias y ¿tú? Good, thank you and also you?

If you are in a officially situation, you just say “Buenos días”, “Buenas tardes” or “Buenas noches” and the answer will be also “Buenos días”, “Buenas tardes” or “Buenas noches”, respectively.

And now.. The Colombian way! greatly used between friends (not the boss!)

¡Buenas! “Buenas” is most likely the most common method of greeting who in Colombia. The is quick for “Buenas tardes” or “Buenas Noches” but you can additionally use it in the morning.

¡Qué hubo! “Qué hubo” is pronounce like ¡Quiubo! and method What’s to be going on?

¿Qué más? “¿Qué más?” precise means, “What else?” yet we use it come say “Hey! how are you?

¿Qué cuentas? “¿Qué cuentas?” literally way “What carry out you have to tell?” yet we usage it to merely ask, “What’s been going on?”

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